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As a young teenager, I started collecting many different articles concerning Cat Stevens in the early 1970's. And, fortunately, I have managed to retain most of them, as keepsakes from my youth. Other articles I have managed to locate through the internet, and still others I  have been given the opportunity to read through Cat Stevens friends. It will take me some time to place all of these articles on line, as there are many. So please do check back from time to time, to see if any new articles have been added to this page.



Rolling Stone

April 1, 1971

Cat Stevens - Out of the Bag

September 13, 1973

Cat Stevens Explains  Foreigner and Other Mysteries

May 9, 1974

Return of Cat Stevens - Pop Goes the Poof


July 1971

Cat Stevens - Cosmic Superstar

January 1972

Onstage and Backstage in London & America

November 1972

Cat Stevens Retreat from the Sting of Applause

September 1973

Cat Stevens Kills the Cat Sound with Foreigner

July 1974

London Back Pages

July 1974

Chocolate Box - A Sweet Gift of Tasty Tunes.

Creem September 1971

Cat Stevens- But Does He Still Love His Dog?

Hit Parader

December 1971

Cat Stevens - Superstar

March 1972

Moving from Inward to Outward

July 1972

Cat Stevens - Pedestals

November  1974.

Cat Stevens' Beauty Secrets



Cat Stevens "Music is a way of expressing my moods"

Stereo Review

October 1972

Cat Stevens - Page 76

An Early Retrospective - Page 78


May 24, 1971

Easy Does It

November 8, 1971

A Word From Cat

January  29,1973

Rock Magazine.

After Dark

April 1972

The Many Lives Of Cat Stevens

June 20, 1971

It Must be Destiny

Ice Magazine

April 2000

Cat Comes Up For Air
Senior Scholastic

March 27, 1972

English Superstars


The Ear


Cat in Concert



Melody Maker

Sept 28, 1968 Cat treads softly on his return
March 23, 1974 Cat On The Prowl
November 15 1975 Cat - Life, Love and Death
Disc & Echo Magazine October 29,  1966 Cat Stevens Talks To Mike Ledgerwood
January 21, 1967 What a drag it is being young
February 18, 1967 1967 Brightest Hope
March 16, 1968 Composing in the hospital
July 29th  1972

Tea with the Tillerman.

Jan.13, 1973 A Solitary Man
Mirabelle March 11 1967 Cat's Story
Music Scene March 1973 Into The Mind Of Cat Stevens

New Musical Express

April 19 1967 The Cat is Sad
April 22, 1967 "Juke Box" Bitchy Comment Hurt says Cat
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
March 1973
June 23, 1973

Cat Stevens and a revolution in Athens


Late Sixties Cat-Statistics
July 1967 From Kitten to Cat
1967 or 1968 Cat & Kittens
Rave February 1967 The Family Cat
March 2 1967 Tin Pan Alley Cat
Record Mirror Jan.14, 1967 Cat Man
March 18, 1967 The Missing Concert
August 19, 1967 Mexico-Mad Cat & His First Musical
October 12, 1968 Cat's Back
June 5, 1971 The Honest Way
April 6, 1974 I Can't Explain
Mojo June 2000 Time For A Change
August 2000 Payback Time!
2001 The Art of War
September 2006 In The Studio This Month
??? 1967 You've Said It
1974 or 1975 The Purr-fect Tour
1974 or 1975 Top Cat
Jan 2002 Cat's Whiskers
Radio Guide October 1977 Our Modern Day Troubadour
Classic Rock November 2004 Feline Groovey
Assortment of Articles

Fab 208, Jackie, Veronica

Late 1960's Annie's scrapbook
Late 1960's Kind Of Girl
Late 1960's Singing and Writing
Late 1960's Going for a Song
Late 1960's A look at Cat
Late 1960's Cat's Greek Holiday
Late 1960's Cat in the Britsh Museum
Late 1960's Cat Dream
Sounds March 20, 1971 Contemporary Songwriters
May 22, 1971 The Sounds 'Talk-In'
Sept. 25, 1971 Teaser and the white hot Cat
Dec 9, 1972 A Cat Breaks Free
July 14, 1973 Cat's Subtle Love Affair
February 23, 1974 Huge Cat Tour
December 13, 1975 Cat Stevens talks to Mick Brown
Jackie April 27, 1968 The Majic that Stole Cat Stevens' Heart
Jan 4, 1969 The Decision That Saved Cat's Life
Official Fanclub Booklets
The Fantasy Ring 1974? Volume I
The Fantasy Ring May 1976 Volume II
The Fantasy Ring Sept 1977 Volume III
Pause 1967 Pause




Muziek Express May 1979 Cat Stevens is ashamed of his wealth
September 1977 Will Deechte Cat Stevens opstaan?
Muziek Parade September 1977 Recording session photos
Popshop November 20 1977 Cat Stevens in Paris
Germany Das Magazin November 11-17, 2006 In order to be
Der Spiegel December 4, 2006 Islam Values Life


Pop Musique early 1970's French (Pop Musique) Magazine
Folk and Rock February 1976 Folk and Rock Magazine
Rythem & Musique July/August 1974 The Bamboozle Tour
Spanish Mendo Joven February 6,1971 The Return of Cat Stevens
Mendo Joven September 15, 1973 The Suite of a Stranger
Australian Music Now October 31, 1971 Tea and the Tillerman
September 9, 1972
The Lonely World of Cat Stevens

August 17, 1972

Tea With The Tillerman
Cover Story & Snippets
Sept. 2, 1972 Interview


Daily Reveille


November 11th 1971

Three articles


Sunday Times


March 5 1972

'Top Cat'

The Daily Mirror

London June 25, 1977

The Cat Who Walks On His Own




1972 Michael Wales

Voxpox - Profiles of the Pop Process


1973 - 1981 Cat Stevens



1979 Debby Chesher



New Musical Express England

April 1967

A 1967 Walker Brothers Concert Review

Record Mirror England

March 18, 1967

Missing Walker Bros Date

New Musical Express England
Aug 15,1970
Plumpton concert review
Billboard NYC Nov.28 1970 Fillmore East Review
New Musical Express England Dec 18 1970 Theatre Royale London
Sounds England June 5 1971 Guilford Civic Hall
England June 2 1972 Edinburgh - Usher Hall
New York City Daily New York City


1972 Moonshadow Tour.

Record Mirror England


Bamboozle Review -The Cat's Back

Various Articles USA

November 9, 1973

ABC In Concert 'Moon & Star'

Cleveland Newspapers Cleveland

February 20, 1976

1976 Majikat Earth Tour Concert

Montreal Star Montreal

March 11, 1976

Majikat Earth Concert

Fan Review Montreal March 10, 1976 Majikat Earth Concert


Rolling Stone December 9, 1971 Timothy Crouse

Teaser and the Firecat

November 23, 1972 Stephen Holden

Catch Bull at Four

Mojo Magazine. December 1999 Patrick Humphries

Remember - The Ultimate Collection CD

Disc & Echo August 26, 1972 Martin Lewis

Cat's Corker

Zoo World August 30, 1973 Russell Shaw

Foreigner Album Review

Circus July 1974 Janis Schacht

Buddha and the Chocolate Box

Cleveland Free Times November 1999 Nicholas Raymond
Hellenic Voice newspaper November 2006 Harry Katopodis
Jam November 2006 Paolo Vieis

Cat Stevens La Lunga Strada Verso La Conosenza


Murphy Anderson

The Village Gaslight

Bruce Lawrie

The Santa Monica, California

Murphy Anderson

Alun Davies - Relax Your Mind



Hellenis Chronicles


Harry Katopodis
George Brown


George Brown
George Brown
Hans Sidén

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