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MARCH 10, 1976

(Submitted and edited by Charles Gauthier)

Believe it or not, the Majikat concert is still my favorite of all! I debated for a week before the concert whether to smuggle in a tape-recorder and camera or not (as I managed to get FRONT-ROW seats!) but chickened-out last inute. Part of what excited me was the fact that I was (and still am now) into magic! In fact, it's one of the things I do for a living. I'm positive that at the beginning of the concert when the magician brought out what we call a "Stack of Boxes" illusion to produce Cat, the middle(instrumental) part of 18th Avenue was is now said that "Doves"(the Majikat theme) was playing...I'm sure that it was playing during another magic-segment (could have been at the beginning of the second-half when Cat rose into view playing piano from deep within the hollows of the stage) When the instrumental middle-part of 18th Avenue climaxed (you know what I mean if you listen to the song) Cat popped out from the stack of boxes! I must admit that years later I copied the idea in a series of illusion-shows I was doing in the mid-'80's in Winnipeg! (where I had a TV-show for 9 years..."Magic Mike's Castle").

I'm positive the magician did not do dove-productions in the concert I saw, but may have in other locations of the our...I would have remembered, being a magician myself...I would also have noted the method! Behind Cat was a large circular tent-like structure on which the Banapple Gas video played as he played the song live...that was exciting, and I wanted to see that video again! Now I can on the Internet! I remember him playing "Another Saturday Night" on guitar, but because there were no steel-drums present, he sang "la, la, la..." for that part (if you listen to the middle-part of that song, you'll hear where there are steel-drums playing a melody). I thought that was a cool live variation of the song. "Oh Very Young" sounded identical to the recording...there were even huge tubular-bells in the background(beside the circular-tent, which, by the way I believe had astrological-symbols going around it) along with 3(more?) "soul-singers" (I remember one blonde...probably Suzanne Lynch!

One of the most dramatic/moving parts came right at the beginning: imagine everyone(all 20 000-plus) sitting at the Forum, eagerly awaiting the start of the concert; suddenly "18th Avenue"'s middle/instrumental-part starts, with 2/3 people wheeling out boxes which they proceed to stack one on top of the other (I knew right away what was going to happen, as I was familiar with the illusion...but I wasn't dissapointed!). Suddenly the music climaxes (Maybe a puff of smoke...I used one at that point, maybe because they did) and voilà! The doors in the boxes are opened and Cat comes out! He then sits centre-stage with only his guitar and starts to play "The Wind"...the crowd goes WILD! I don't remember if Alun Davies was there on stage with him or not (I don't think so) at that point, but was for the
next songs, as I remember Cat standing up and walking over somewhere as the other musicians walked on between the first and second songs.

To the best of my memory (and a list I made during the show) here was the song line-up:

FIRST HALF-(30-40 minutes) The Wind/ Moonshadow/ Where Do the Children Play?/ Tuesday's Dead/ C-79/ King of Trees(on piano)/ The Hurt(piano)/ Majick of Majicks(piano)/ Lady D'Arbanville/Hard Headed Woman/ Banapple Gas

SECOND HALF-(40-50 minutes): Miles From Nowhere (piano)/ Longer Boats/ Another Saturday Night/ How Can I Tell You?/ Whistlestar(piano, with Magician sawing woman in half)/ Sitting(piano)/ Sad Lisa(piano)/ Oh Very Young/ Peace Train/ Two Fine People/ Father and Son/ ENCORE: Wild World (Encore): Bitterblue


At one point in the concert, a girl in the front seat rushed up and handed Cat a rose; despite the fact that I'm sure this was pre-planned (I've seen pictures of Cat on that tour with the rose attached to his mic-stand) he seemed shocked, almost frightened! But he then proceeded to attach the rose to his mic-stand. After the show, I bought a "Majikat Earth Tour" T-shirt printed on a greenish-blue T-shirt.

I noticed Cat wore a white "safari-style" shirt over grey corderoy pants and green-rubber work-boots. He seemed VERY thin, and what struck me odd was that 2 months before he had completed the "Numbers" album (recorded at Morin Heights' "Le Studio") there were current newspaper pics of him with very short the concert, his hair was his usual long length! I failed to take the invitation for dinner in the Laurentians from André Perry (Le Studio-owner-friend of my musician-friend dad...) to attend an affair that the next day made the newspaper at which Stevie Wonder, Cat and numerous others attended. I was "too young" and we lived "too far" my folks insisted. In '1975 I was 19, hardly too young!

Januray 10, 2002

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