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Cat Stevens Artwork

This  is a very rare and unique book titled ' Starart ' which was beautifully designed and edited by Debby Chesher. This book showcased the drawings of such  musicians as John Mayall, Joni Mitchell, Ron Wood. Cat Stevens was also one of these talented young musicians who's  creative art work was highlighted in this extrodinary book. Some of the drawings highlighted by Cat Stevens were his better known album art, which we all know and love. But others  featured drawings have never  been seen before drawings outside of this book or personal friends and family members of Cats....... Majicat is proud to present these elusive drawings that appeared in this very unique and out of print Art Book.

Designed and edited by  Debby Chesher
Hardback book w/ dustcover
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Dust Cover drawing by John Mayall
Joni Mitchell  
John Mayall  
Cat Stevens  
Klause Voormann  
Ron Wood  
Commander Cody 
Cat Stevens
Pages 87 - 117
" If and artist is his work,
if his work provides his autobiography...
then we know that Cat Stevens is
no simple pop star." starart

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Into White
I built my house from barley rice
Green pepper walls and water ice
Tables of paper wood, windows of light
And everything emptying into
A simple garden, with acres of sky
brown-haired dogmouse
If one dropped by
Yellow Delanie would sleep well at night
With everything emptying into
A sad
blue eyed drummer rehearses outside
black spider dancing on top of his eye
Red legged chicken stands ready to strike
And everything emptying into
I built my house from barley rice
Green pepper walls and water ice...
And everything emptying into


Page 1   Introspective drawings
Page 2  Sketches of songs
Page 3   Abstract of sorts
Page 4  Cartoon Friends 
Page 5  Pixi
Page 6  Nefertiti & Artist vs. Materialism

If you are like me and just have to have a copy of this out of print book. Below you will notice all the information that you may need in trying to locate it through book search websites. Note: This book can run you into a little bit of money as it is OUT OF PRINT and very scarce to come by. But there are many talented artist artwork with in it, so it is well worth the money.


Starart Productions Limited Printed in Canada by Herzig Somerville Limited.
Bound in USA by A. Horowitz & Sons, New Jersey.
Typesetting by CompArt Limited, Rexdale, Ontario.
ISBN 0-09690053-0-X
Published by
Starart Productions Limited
Box 29, Site 1, R.R. 1
DeWinton, Alberta
Canada T0L 0X0
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