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This page is dedicated to Cat Stevens' right hand man, Alun Davies. Many people, including myself, have wondered what has happened to Alun. It is a natural reaction for a Cat Stevens fan to be a Alun Davies fan as well. So it only seems natural to have a Alun Davies' page on a Cat Stevens website. After all, who was the first person most fans saw up on stage at a Cat Stevens concert? Not Cat Stevens..... it was almost always Alun. Alun was usually seen on stage way before the concerts ever started, tuning up his and Cat's guitars, checking the microphones and making sure everything sounded correct. So this page is dedicated to the man who helped give Cat Stevens his sound.... And Alun, if you ever read this page ....THANK YOU.

    Alun Davies' Albums

Sweet Thursday

'Sweet Thursday - Alun Davies in his pre-Cat Stevens days. This album consisted of Alun, Nicky Hopkins, Jon Mark (The Mark/Almond Band), Harvey Burns, and Brian Odgers.


'Daydo'  - Alun Davies' solo debut LP appeared in the summer of 1972. Many of the Cat Stevens group appeared on this LP. Alun was backed by Cat, Gerry Conway and Jean Roussel among others. There is also an editorial on the LP sleeve by Jon Marks of Sweet Thursday-Mark/Almond Band.

Relax Your Mind

'Relax Your Mind' - an extremely rare recording by Michael Burchell and Alun Davies from 1963.



Davis The Guitar - Interview with Alun Davies in the Melody Maker September 16, 1972 issue. Courtesy of Linda Crafar. (the Davis misprint is from the Melody Maker issue)

Daydo Review - CBS - Alun Davies - Daydo LP review from the Melody Maker September 16, 1972 issue. Courtesy of Linda Crafar. .

Player of the Month - Alun Davies was selected as the player of the month in the August 1972 issue of Beat Instrumental.

Cat's Man - A Disc and Music Echo magazine article from February 5, 1972, courtesy of George Brown.

A 1972 Rolling Stone Magazine critic's review of Alun's Daydo LP - This article is courtesy of Linda Crafar.

Cat's Man Branches Out - A 1972 Newspaper interview with Alun Davies concerning Alun's solo debut. This article is courtesy of Keith Ballam.

Alun Davies never let a daydo by - Disc Magazine July 29, 1972 double feature. Michele O'Driscoll interviewed both Cat and Alun in this magazine. This article, which includes Alun telling some fun facts about a dog named 'Old Bourbon'.

A Taff at the Top article -This interview of Alun Davies is courtesy of Linda Crafar and was written around 1972.

I'm Gonna Love You - New Musical Express September 1972 review of Alun Davies' single. This review and great photo of Alun comes courtesy of George Brown.

Real Audios

Alberta from the 1963 Relax Your Mind LP
Jenny from the Sweet Thursday LP
Old Bourbon from the Daydo LP

Guitar Tabs

'I'm Late'
'Old Bourbon'

Gerry Conway  Articles

'Embarrassing Moments'

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