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New Musical Express
August 19, 1967
Courtesy of Linda Crafar

Why Cat Is Sad

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By Norrie Drummond

It was a rather disheartened Cat Stevens I met this week. He was sad for a number of reasons. The stage musical he has been working on has been turned down by most theatre managements in the West End. His latest single, "A Bad Night," hasn't come up to his expectations (though it’s No. 21 this week) and Cat now feels it’s time to extend his career into other spheres of show business.

I’m at the crossroads now," he told me in a pub next door to his parents’ restaurant. "I don’t know how long I can continue as a pop singer. ‘Bad Night’ was an experiment. I’m not sure if it has worked out. I’m a little disappointed that it’s not doing better but I’m glad I took the chance."

Since he first appeared on the pop scene just ten months ago, Cat has had four hit records and an LP in the best sellers. He was one of the stars in a West End Christmas show and also appeared on a major concert tour.

"Everything happened at once for us," said Cat, sipping vodka-and-lime. "I didn’t have enough time to sit down and ask myself 'What next?’ I was just being carried along by it all, but now I must decide. I’m not going to do very much in the next month or so, except perhaps recording and writing. I also want to concentrate on record production which has been taking up a lot of time recently.’’

Cat has been producing the first record by one of his closest friends, Peter James. "He writes brilliant songs," Cat enthused. "I’ve just to do the mixing and we’ll issue the record as soon as possible."

But just what is Cat himself going to do next?

"I honestly don’t know," he replied despondently. " The next obvious step is films. I’ve had a few offers but the parts just weren’t me. Naturally I’d love to make a movie and

I’d also love a TV series. These are the important things that really establish an artist,"

I asked Cat how things were progressing on his musical ‘Mexican Flower.' A pained look crossed his face.

"The musical is okay but no theatre management is interested. I have a lot of faith in 'Mexican Flower’ and if I have to, I’ll raise the money myself somehow. There are so many things I want to do though," he added. "You’ve got to keep going forward all the time and I must decide what to concentrate on before long."

Whichever road Cat Stevens decides to take he should be successful. With his talents and drive it would be difficult to fail

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