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Cat Skins Font

Would you like to add some excitement to your browser with some really cool Cat Stevens graphics? Perhaps you'd like to get rid of the dull grey background on your Netscape or IE browser. If that's the case, then download these Cat Stevens browser skins to your computer and see Cat every day. In fact, if you wish you could change your browser skin daily to reflect your mood! It's as easy as 1- 2- 3. You're only a click or two away from adding The Tillerman to your computer.


Browser Skins for Internet Explorer 4+ & Netscape Navigator 4+
To run these skins you need HotBar. It only takes about 15 seconds to download the components.
Follow these guidelines to place these browser skins on your computer.
1) Bookmark this page (so that you can easily return to it) then download the Hotbar at:  
This only takes a few minutes. Then return to this page.
2) Click on the skin of your choice to open the larger picture of the skin.
3) Right click on the larger picture of the desired skin to save it to bmp.

4) Save the bmp file to C:Program Files/Hotbar (This file would have been placed on your computer when you downloaded Hotbar.)
5) Open online and locate "My Private Collection" under the Hotbar. (It is located at the top right hand side of the Hotbar front page.)
6) Click on the skin of your choice in "My Private Collection" to upload the skin to your browser.
7) Your hotbar private collection can hold up to 50 skins so you can download all of these if you wish.
Cat Stevens Browser Skin Collection
(I will add more as they are made.)
skin 1
skin 2
skin 3
skin 4
skin 5
skin 6
catskin 7
catskin 8
skin 9
skin 10
skin 11
skin 12
skin 13
skin 14
debsskin.jpg (32356 bytes)
   Skin 15  
courtesy of Deb 
remember.jpg (21121 bytes)
Skin 16
courtesy of Justin Lawes
Design your own Cat Stevens Skins
If you would like to use your creativity to design a few cool Cat Stevens Browser Skins to share with your fellow Cat fans by placing them on Majicat, here are some helpful hints:
  • Create a file 800 pixels wide by 135 pixels high.
  • Save your skin in bmp format. (If you send them to Majicat to be placed, please send them with the jpg file.)
  • Since most of the browser buttons are on the left, you should place images on the right side of your skin. (People will want to be able to view their browser buttons!)
  • Make your skins bright. The brighter the better!

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