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And who said America was the only country that had these funny/trashy/bubblegum teenage magazines like Tiger Beat? England had it's only version, called FAB in the 1960's. But instead of Donny Osmond and Bobby Sherman it was our very own Cat Stevens getting the royal treatment, that only these type of magazines dulled out. This article makes one really laugh at the silliness of fan magazines, but I couldn't resist placing it on the site. This comes courtesy of Jennifer Perez.

Cat Statistics


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Hair: Thick and Black. Styled by Stevens and Sassoon
Eyes: Brown, expressive, often behind dark glasses to take away the strain of early rising.
Mouth: Wide, Pink and well shaped. Smile is rare and radiant.
Toothpaste: " This great one that taste like chewing gun. all double bubble type"
Collar Size: " 14 1/2 or 15 Shirts by Austin Reed or Jaeger. Any style so long as the colour fits the rest of the outfit. Average cost 4 pounds.
Chest Size: 36 inches
Ties: from Jaeger, narrow, not to flashy, about 30 inches
Waist size: 28 in. Likes sporty, tweed jackets, cut very slim. Suit tailored in expensive fabrics by Duggie Millings.
Hands: Fantastic, gold watch bought in Paris on left wrist. Wide silver ring donated by a girl friend on little finger of right hand. Cufflinks when possible. Usually loans them out, an is consequently left without any.
Hips: 34 inches " weeny "
Real Name: Steve Adams Georgiou
Born: July 21st 1948
Education: At schools in London,Sweden and Hammersmith Art College.
Plays: guitar and piano
Stage Debut: At Black Horse in Rathbone Street London, three years ago.
Manager: Is ex-Springfield Mike Hurst.
Likes: Swimming,painting, Leonard Bernstine, Bachrach
Pets: Dog called Whithelmina
Ambition: To write a West End Musical.
Inside Leg of Trousers: 30 inches
Weight: 10 St 9 lbs.
Spends: 20 pounds a week on clothes
Turn Ups: Non-existent! Creases knife edge.
Socks: Black silk stretchy.
Shoes: 8 1/2   "Any Style that makes my feet look smaller than they are!."
Height: 5 ft 10 1/2 inches. " Just about right "



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