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Not only was Cat Stevens a gifted musician, he was a talented artist as well. As a small boy his first ambition was to be a famous artist like his Uncle Hugo, his mother's brother who was a well-known artist in Sweden. As he grew older, he entered Hammersmith College to study Art. But his interest in Art soon took second nature to his love of Music. But he continued to use his art. He drew and designed his own album covers, among them Tea for the Tillerman and the famous Teaser and the Firecat which was eventually turned into a children's book and animated cartoon.

Majicat has been fortunate enough to obtain some of these very rare drawings by Cat through various publications to present to you.


Starart Cover Book This is a 1979 out-of-print book which includes many drawings from famous musicians of the 1960's and 1970's. Cat Stevens was one of the many artist whose work was featured in this book

Page 1 - Introspective drawings
Page 2 - Sketches of songs
Page 3 - Abstract of sorts
Page 4 - Cartoon Friends 
Page 5 - PIXI  
Page 6 - Nefertiti & Artist vs. Materialism from the Starart Art Book.
Matthew and Son Cartoon - A drawing from the New Music Express magazine in the late 1960's. This comes courtesy of George L. Brown.

Christmas Greeting -
A drawing from the Melody Maker 1968 Annual. This comes courtesy of Linda Crafar.
Mona Bone Jakon sketches - This is the elusive first issue inside sleeve to the MBJ album with all the rare sketches and hand written notes.
Cat Stevens' drawings - From early British fan magazines, these are courtesy of Keith Balaam.
Cat Stevens'  parody of his stay in the hospital - This appeared in the Record Mirror in October 1968 and is courtesy of Linda Crafar.
Cartoon drawings of band members - This appeared in the first edition of the Fan Club booklet called The Fantasy Ring.


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