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Jigsaw Puzzles

Below are the first of the Majicat Jigsaw Puzzles. These are coming to you through a java applet. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to play with the puzzles. For example, some AOL users will not be able to see the puzzles as some of the earlier AOL versions do not support java. This page works best with Netscape Communicator 4 and above and Internet Explorer 5 and above. I have tested this program with a few people. Most were able to play with the puzzles but a few had some difficulty because of their browser. If you have any problems at all, below is a troubleshooting link to help you if you need any technical help.

Click here for technical help

AOL Technical help:

It has been brought to my attention by a fan who uses AOL, that users of AOL can still play with these puzzles by opening Internet Explorer from their AOL account. Also there is a section in the HELP file geared for AOL members suggesting ways you can access java, even java applets chat rooms such as the private chatroom on this site. So now, hopefully, everyone who wishes to play with these jigsaw puzzles can do so.)

Playing with the puzzles: 

The puzzle itself can be as easy or as difficult as you choose it to be. I have set it initially at "20 pieces Classic", which is considered to be of moderate difficulty. But if you really are a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, this may prove too easy. If this is the case then click on the SHAPES button. You will then find that you can set the puzzles from as few as 6 jigsaw pieces to as many as 240 pieces. You can also change the shapes of the puzzle pieces in a variety of ways from traditional, to polygons, to birds or to the shapes of The States or Europe. You select how you want to play your puzzle and see how you do as far as timing goes..... And when you are through you can even send an Email Puzzle greeting to any of your friends!


To play with the any of the jigsaw puzzles below, click on the desired picture you wish to use to be led to the to the puzzle.

              Japanese 45 Puzzle    Unicef Puzzle   Cartoon Puzzle

            Bamboozle Puzzle      Relaxed Cat Puzzle       Mirage Puzzle



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