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This  article is from a 1967 British Teenage Girl Magazine and comes courtesy of Bruce Lawrie.


You must have laughed at least once today, and we’d like to know what you were laughing at. You must have moaned about something, too, and we’d like to know about that well. If we print your letter we pay you a guinea, and ask a popular personality to answer it. Pens ready? Write to ‘You’ve Said It’ 38 North Audley Street, W.I. and don’t forget to give us your full name and address.


Mistaken relation:

My best friend and I were sitting in the cinema. Halfway through the film my friend suddenly screamed: " Look, it’s HIM – it’s Roger Daltrey!" With that she leaped over the seats to get his autograph, to the amusement of the entire audience. Later, in the daylight, she showed me her scrap of paper bearing her pop idol’s signature. All that was written was the name Brian Peek. It is not every day that your best friend asks your only brother for his autograph.

Linda Peek, Fulham, London

CAT: Someone asked me for my autograph once, but was very disgrunted when she discovered I wasn’t Bing Crosby. Mistakes go so far.Dcat.jpg (21600 bytes)

Hand- me-ups:

Two girls met in the street as I passed by, " I do like your dress" said one. " It’s my thirteen year old sisters," confessed the other, " but it makes a fab mini-dress for me!" 

I’ve heard of things being handed down in families, but never UP.

Ena Merrythought, Farnham, Surry

CAT: I think it’s a great idea. I tried borrowing my little cousin’s clothes but I don’t think nappies suit me.

Is he a her?:

My grandfather was staying with us when he spotted the long haired teenager next door, dresses in the usual sweaters and jeans. " If that was my son I’d make him get his hair cut," he grumbled. I had difficulty convincing him that it wasn’t a boy but a girl.

Ann Street, Welling, Kent

CAT: Kind of prehistoric. Its often happened to me, with disastrous effects. People used to have long hair. I think a short neck is unsightly. Girls with short hair add to the confusion.

Guinea gown:

I need some money to buy a dress to show off at a party.
I tried to make it, but made a mess, ‘ cos I’m not very crafty.
Believe me, trend , you’re my last hope:
I really need that money
Without it I just couldn’t cope,
And that ain’t very funny,

B Neighbow, Righmond, Surry

CAT: Refer to second letter, Lets hope your little sister doesn’t have the same trouble, but don’t suggest nappies.

With-it pups:

The other day I went to my friends house and met Dave Dee, Dozy, Becky, Mick, and Tich. My friend and I prepared them a meal and spent the afternoon with them. We thought they were very good-looking and great fun. In fact, they were just like their namesakes. You see these were five tiny Yorkshire terrier pups!

J. Williams, Newport, Monouthshire.

CAT: We didn’t think Dave, Dee, etc.. were as hairy as all that.

Figure – hugging magazine:

If there is one thing I hate, it’s shopping for clothes. I see a nice mod mini skirt, I try it on, it fits, I glance at the price tag and say good bye skirt. If there’s one thing I haven’t got, it’s a lot of money.

I’ll see a pair of mod bell – bottoms. I cautiously examine the price tag. They’re cheap, I grap them, try them on – and guess what? They don’t fit. " Sorry luv, no other sizes" says the shop assistant. I’m fed up.

Then when reading my favorite magazine, Trend, I see some super hipsters, very mod and at a modest price. I send away for them – and wow! They look wonderful and fit perfectly. I am now completely hooked on Trend Boutique Offer. So please, Trend, Keep coming.

Linda Nixon, Carlisle, Cumberland.

CAT: I don’t think the mini quite suits me, but I go for the hipsters.

Lady Godiva:

As I stepped off the bus, the wind blew my waist length hair across my face and the conductor said: Haven’t I seen you on a white horse?"

Thinking he had seen me riding my bay pony I replied: " No, a brown one." I was nearly home before I realized he was referring to Lady Godiva.

Joyce Hollick, Ilford, Essex

CAT: Why not live it up to the tog, and take your horse instead of going by bus? Mind you, I don’t suggest you go into it whole heartedly….


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