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Cat Stevens Advertisements

Cat Stevens' many years in the music industry generated a substantial amount of advertising material. The advertisements below are very diverse and range from the promotional material for his first album 'Matthew and Son' to that for the very whimsical 'Oh Very Young' single release. Then, of course, there are many adverts for his many concert appearances.

Some of these adverts were very large. The Winter Garden Concert advertisement was two full pages in the May 15. 1971 Melody Maker and was strategically placed, as the centerfold of the magazine. It took 4 full size scans and three stitchings to place this scan into one full JPEG to place up on this site! Most of these advertisements are full page ads with the exception of a few. They appeared in music magazines including Melody Maker, Rolling Stone, New Musical Express, Disc, BillbBoard etc.

Most of these wonderful advertisements are courtesy of Cat Stevens fan Jeff Exline, unless otherwise noted. Click on a thumbnail for an larger view of the advertisement.

Song and Album Advertisements:

Matthew and Son Advert



Cat Cartoon representing his songs

Courtesy of Bruce Lawrie


Deram Advertisement

Courtesy of George Brown



Matthew & Son

Courtesy of
George Brown




New Masters/Matthew and Son  - double album



Very Early Cat


Lady D'Arbanvile 45 Advertisement

Courtesy of George Brown

'Morning Has Broken' Single

Moonshadow Adertisement


'Peace Train' advertisement

'The Hurt' single advert



'Oh Very Young' single advert

'Banapple' Gas single release advert

'Two Fine People' single advertisement



Rolling Stone -Tillerman Bonus

Courtesy of Christine C.


Rolling Stone  Teaser Bonus

Courtesy of Christine C.


  Catch Bull At Four Advert


  Catch Bull At Four LP

Courtesy of Bruce Lawrie


Catch Bull At Four Advert

Foreigner Advert

buddah1.JPG (30840 bytes)



'Numbers' advertisement

Buddha and the Chocolate Box advert

'Izitso' advertisement



Peaples Back To Earth

Courtesy of Christine C


colored 'Back to earth' release advert

'Back To Earth' black & white advert


'The Very Best of Cat Stevens' - advert


Concert Advertisements:
Walker Brothers Tour

Courtesy of Bruce Lawrie



Tiles gigs

Courtesy of George Brown




Courtesy of Bruce Lawrie




Apollo Concert Advertisement

Courtesy of Christine C


Troubadour thanks Cat Stevens

Back side of Troubadour thanks Cat Stevens

Moon & Star COncert Advertisement

Courtesy of Bruce Lawrie

  Rolling Stone advert for ABC In Concert with Cat Stevens


Chrysalis UK Concert advertisement

Traveling with Cat


European Majikat Concert Tour

Courtesy of Christine C

Majikat earth Tour Concert advert

Yeah of the Child Concert 1979 advert



Tillerman Live. Advertisement

Courtesy of George Brown

vh1ad.jpg (46728 bytes)

Courtesy of Christine C.
  Jamaican Sound Studio advertisement

Courtesy of Alonso Herrena




Miscellaneous Advertisements:

Miniature Teaser LP advertisements: These mini-adds were liberally scattered thoughout the Circus January 1972 Magazine in the disguise of small sketches. If you hadn't known who Cat Stevens or the Teaser LP was at the time, it probably would have been difficult to understand what these sketches represented.

Tuecart1.jpg (11524 bytes)

Howcart1.jpg (11161 bytes)

Ificart1.jpg (10109 bytes)

Morcart1.jpg (8336 bytes)

Ivcarta.jpg (10123 bytes)

Peacart1.jpg (9458 bytes)

Moocart1.jpg (7757 bytes)

Wincart3.jpg (11263 bytes)


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