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Another Spanish article from the magazine Mundo Joven (Young World), 02/06/1971 issue. As you can see, this author has a tough time with some facts, namely starting with Cat’s name. The article is written by Luis Arminza. On page 4, the bottom photos refer to another rock critic by the name of Jose Maria Inigo. This Magazine articleand translation comes of Jennifer L.Perez.



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Written by Luis Arminza

Cat Stevens, who triumphed around the world with his "Matthew and Son" in 1966, has rejoined life after a long break of obligatory separation of all public activities. And his return has also been crowned with another sudden hit: "Lady D’Arbanville", which is reaching first place in many countries.

Cat Stevens - in reality he is called Stephen Adam Georgiu - is descended from Greeks, even though he was born in Great Britain. And in his familial environment, he developed, since childhood, interest for the folkloric music Jov71a.jpg (12315 bytes)of Greece. But soon after, he would begin to compose his own music. He was very young when he had his first hits. He was barely 16 years old and immediately he began performing in concerts, recording records, writing songs for other singers and traveled the world.

Suddenly, when everything seemed to shine on Cat, the singer-composer disappeared off the face of the earth. Later, it was discovered that he had to have a long rest due to tuberculosis. But during this time of rest, he did not stop working. And his return has brought forth an LP titled "Mona Bone Jakon" from which the first hit single "Lady D’Arbanville" was released.

But another LP is coming soon. The work of many years has begun to bear fruit. In this occasion, it deals with "Tea for the Tillerman", which soon will be launched in Spain.

Jov71b.jpg (13189 bytes)Cat sung in MIDEM (an international music fair that takes place in a different country every year) a few weeks ago and obtained a notable triumph. Now, he will start a diverse continental tour to promote "Tea for the Tillerman", which already in England is considered one of the best albums of the year. During the first week of March, he is booked to come to Spain to sing on Spanish television. Also, he will be in France and other countries.

A new era has begun for Cat. And if he intended to change his external aspect, from those first meetings until now, his features have experienced a great change. Anyway, his musical themes have remained the same, evolving, but unshakingly calm and collected in his general strokes. Cat Stevens has returned, and with good footing.


The bottom two photos reads:

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BEFORE AND AFTER - Like those hair-growing commercials, these two photos could be titled "Before and After’. Jose Maria lnigo conversing with Cat Stevens, in 1966 and in 1971.


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