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Senior Scholastic, for those who have never heard of this particular magazine. Senior Scholastic was an educational magazine which was handed out to students in American High Schools, through out the 1970's.  I still remember the excitement of reading a Cat Stevens article from a somewhat boring school magazine. He was featured at least 3 times during the years 1972 - 1973.

Senior Scholastic
March 12, 1973
Q&A Quiz

The Ear

cat in faddish cap

It takes some singers years to become stars. Others make it to the top overnight. Cat Steven’s career is unusual. At age 24, he has made it to the. top not once, but twice! He was a rock star at age 17. His success lasted about a year. Then he disappeared. At 19, he came back. Four albums later, he is a superstar.

What happened in between? Cat became very sick. He was told to go into a hospital, or else he would die.

In tbe hospital, Cat had plenty of time to think. He had had two big hits, "Matthew and Son" and "I Love My Dog." He had written both songs. But he didn’t like the way they were recorded. They were done with big orchestras. Cat’s style is simpler and quieter. So he started writing new songs in the hospital.

The result was an album called Mona Bone Jakon. On this album, no one told him what to do. He did what he wanted. This album and his next three made him a star again.

Cat Steven's father is Greek. This shows up in Cat’s latest album, Catch Bull at Four. Here he uses the rhythms and, sounds of Greek music. Greek music is rare in rock, but Cat makes it work.

Most of his songs are quiet. They are more like folk than rock. But he can "rock ‘n’ roll," as well. His hit "Peace Train" has a strong rock beat.

Cat is a talented writer, as well as singer. Often he uses unusual word pictures. Take "I am walking in a moon shadow." The word "moon" is not unusual. Nor is the word "shadow." But together, they create a mood of strange magic.

Cat Stevens used to be a painter. Maybe that’s why he can paint such striking pictures with his songs.


Complete these sentences by writing the letter of the answer in each space.

A. Cause and Effect

1. After becoming a star at 17, Cat Stevens "disappeared," because he ________________

a. didn't like his earlier records
b. didn't like people telling him how to produce his records
c. didn’t like rock ‘n’ roll
d. became very sick

B.     Detail

2.      Mona Bone Jakon is___________

a. Cat’s first album
b. Cat’s Latest album
c. the album he made after he left the hospital
d. an album with a strong rock beat

C.     Main Idea

3. The best title for this article is ______________ 

a. The Early Career of Cat Stevens
b. The Unusual Career of Cat Stevens
c. Cat Stevens’ Greek Sound
d.  What Is Cat Stevens Really Like?

Check with your teacher for the answers.

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