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Once again, I am very happy to present another edition of 'The Fantasy Ring'. This is the 2nd Volume of the 3 Volume Fantasy Ring fan club booklet. Val Davies had stepped down as president of the fan club by time this issue was published in 1976, and Linda was now the president of the fan club. I hope you enjoy this magazine as much as I have, there are many nice photographs of Cat and some great drawings and poetry from fans around the world. This wonderful magazine comes courtesy of an anonymous fan, who wanted to share these rare books with us. Keep watch as Issue 3 will be placed up on Majicat shortly.

The Photographers represented in this book are:

Dick Polak
David Bailey
Michael Childers
Daily Mirror

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    1976 Volume 2


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page 1 & 2
27 Curzon Street London W1Y7AE
May 1976


At last the second edition is in print! We’ve had our ups and downs during the past year, especially with Val stepping out of the Ring, and we are truly sorry that there’s been such a delay in producing the Book. We do so hope you’ll enjoy this second edition which is, of course, made up mostly of your contributions, plus a few new photos of Steve, etc.

The Fantasy Ring is fast growing and we are linking Steve’s admirers together from all parts of the globe .... we have members in Great Britain, America, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Greece, Japan, Yugoslavia and South Africa. Through the Ring, many of you have found penpals and are enjoying the link with members from other countries. We’d like to bring more of you together through out penpal scheme and we are preparing Penpal List No. 2 which will be much larger than List No. 1 as so many of you have written requesting penpals.

The Earth Tour has been a great success and Steve will be starting a tour of Europe in April, extending to Greece, Israel, Japan and Australia. So many members have written to tell us how much they enjoyed the concerts, and as the Tour has and is taking in so many countries, I am sure most of you have and will get an opportunity to see Steve before the end of 1976. It now remains to just say "thank-you" to you all for sending in your contributions, some of which we have kept aside forth e next book, and we hope to receive many more poems, drawings.... and let’s have some short stories .... for inclusion in the 3rd edition.


Cat Stevens Fantasy Ring Secretary

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page 3 & 4
Drawings from around the world - England
Fr76pg5.jpg (30510 bytes)
Water Colour by Carole & Colin
page 5 & 6
Drawings from around the world - England
Fr76pg7.jpg (21406 bytes)
Paper cuttings by Kim Reuter
page 7 & 8

Poems from Around the World


By Malcolm Hughes
Sit down Son, Give your head a rest,
Soon the sun shys and the stars will be your guest.
Put away your thoughts and lose them for a while,
Give yourself the time,
The time to love and smile.
Say give him the time just to hold her hand,
Just to understand,
To let the sun burn his skin,
To open up his heart and let
Her love shine on in.
You know he’s wondering where to go
And he’s wondering what to do,
There must be more he can know,
Don’t stop and let your love stop too.
Pick up your guitar, Sing me a song,
Oh let the whole world sing along,
Let the brave man give you the time,
But please boy,
Oh don’t make it be mine.
By Rich & Reg
I was the provider
I was the ‘good-deeding’ knight.
I got her over The bad, troubled times,
and put all the
Wrong things right.
I tried to help
Smooth the path
That she was about to take.
I laid the first few
Stones of hope,
But the decisions were hers to make.
I think I helped-
I hope I eased the pain.
Me and the lady
Could have been.

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page 9 & 10
Drawings from around the world - Sweden
Fr76pg10.jpg (37644 bytes)
Water colour by Eva Hedstrom
page 11 & 12


By Eva Hedström
My day, won’t you come here soon
My way, will it reach me and my tune?
Over the seas and war
Over the trees and shore,
Will it reach me?
My world, you’re too far away
My day, please, come and stay,
Over the man, his hand
Over the earth, it’s land
Come and stay.
I will probably go wondering and fight
With my brain,
Now I will manage to get well,
All my life get well,
And fight the hell, around us,
Fight the hell.
My day, come very soon,
So I can pick up my tune!!!
Drawings from around the world - Finland
Fr76pg13.jpg (38356 bytes)
Ink drawing by Pirkko Aarras
page 13 & 14


By Paivi Aho
There he is
The man
Chopping firewood
After our quarrel
Venting his anger
Soon he will relent
That man
comes .. . - hugs and apologises to me
We’ll smile
Then I’ll go and make coffee
For life
For him
For me
For our love.
By Mark Maley
And that sea, that boisterous sea,
Which sweeps away the dreams of the old
Or the restlessness of the young,
Is always confused with desolation.
And that fire, that hellish fire,
Which extinguishes the curiosity of the mind —
Or the joys of the soul,
Has been mistaken for truth.
And that rain, that perpetual rain,
Which drenches the intensity of hate
Or the intimacy of love,
Is believed to be understanding.
And that cold, that perplexing cold,
Which freezes the question of life —
Or the worry over death,
Is called religion.
And that sun, that energetic sun,
Which feeds the brains of geniuses —
Or the hopes of fools,
Bears the undeserved name of creativity.

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page 15 & 16


Oh very young, how many times were you hurt?
As you sit in the ruins on the 18th Avenue,
I can see your mind is miles from nowhere,
The pain, you just can’t keep it in any longer.
In this wild world you start on the road to find out
where you’re at.
In the wind you hear music.
Everywhere you go you can hear this music telling
you something.
You sit and listen.
In time you’ll stand and shout —
"I think I see the light!"
Oh very young, your morning has broken!

By Serina Scuden of New Jersey, U.S.A.

Wish I could be in C79,
Take away all the hurt and make it mine.
You know my life’s in ruins
And I’m no Lady d’Arbanville
But I hope you II understand the way I feel.
You see I can’t keep it in,
Though you know I’m Lilywhite.
Don’t want to be alone another Saturday night.
And ‘though I’m miles from nowhere,
And feeling bitterblue
You’ll always be The King of Trees for me.
And here I am just sitting,
Down in C79,
Wish that I could give you
The boy with the moon and star on his head,
But I’ll just give you this, with love, instead.


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page 17 & 18
Drawings from around the world - America
Fr76pg19.jpg (32276 bytes)
Ink Drawing by Carole Dickenson
page  19 & 20
Two shall be born the whole wide world apart,
And speak in different tongues and have no thought,
Each of the others being, and no heed;
Yet these over unknown seas to known lands
Shall cross; escaping wreck, defying death,
And all unconsciously shape every act
And bend each wandering step unto this end,
That one day out of darkness they shall meet,
And read life’s meaning in each other’s eyes.
By Sunny Middaugh
Oh, wind
Toss my hair
Dress it up with crimson bows
Flutter around me
Dance on the trees
Come in from the ocean
Hypnotize me with sea air.
Oh, wind
Blow the sand
Whirl it around me
Then let it die
Escort the clouds across the sea
Lower them
Toss the waves
Spin the water
Mingle with the clouds
Circle my cliff
Take me
Dance with me
Drop me to the ground
Toss my hair
Whirl the sand around me


Drawings from around the world - Japan
Fr76pg20.jpg (38865 bytes)
Written by Hiroko & Ryoko
page 21 & 22
By Leslie Gresh
I was running on the edge
of foreverness
I was lonely by the sea
of forgetfulness
I ran by the shore on
the edge of the sea,
and looking around at the
cloud-filled sky, the wind blew
my hair, crossing over my eyes —
and I was blinded by the
sand which scattered as
the wind blew past.
I ran across shells breaking
under my feet into silver
laced fragments,
And the sea cascaded into
white star-foams.
The shore,
left behind,
still remained unmoved.
But, the clouds scattered
to a thousand winds —
and I was
I began.

Fr76pg23.jpg (22617 bytes)

page 23 & 24
Drawings from around the world - Australia
Fr7625.jpg (37921 bytes)
Water colour by Lucie Pabel
page 25 & 26
By Kelly A. Bins tead
Just the way you talk,
Makes the world want to live with you
But the way you sing
I don’t understand
Why do you live, why.
I am but a weary musician
I would like to take your hand
Come with me
And we will sing, sing and sing.
Do you want to come
I will show you the way
Take me in your arms
O, oh babe, the way you do this
Makes the bells ring
Look up ahead,
Do you see it
It’s our house
It’s a farm
You can do the cooking
And I will clean the barn
We can raise a lot of kids
And they will see.
Isn’t it the way we pictured it
Isn’t it the way it will be
I will love, and you will love me
Come, let’s go in, I can see it all
Little boys and girls running around and playing
Isn’t it the way we pictured it
Isn’t it the way it will be?
It’s getting dark
We better go into town
And tell the man we’ll take it.
Please Sir, we will take it
The House on Nebo Hill Creek
We would like to live there
And raise our children
Thank you Sir for the house
Now let’s go and sleep
The new day is shining
The new day is laughing
Two years and two children
Oh what a joy
One is a girl and another is a boy
The house looks better than it did
The flowers and grass are looking quite fine
But look at the weeds
Must get them rid.
Isn’t it the way we pictured it
Isn’t it the way it will be
I will love you and you will love me.
Come, let’s go in, I can see it all
Little boys and girls running around and playing
Isn’t it the way we pictured it
Isn’t it the way it will be.
Forty years have gone by
O, oh don’t cry
All of our children have gone
We can go and dream again,
There goes the last
He’s saying goodbye
Now the house will go to the children
And they will take care
That it’s painted and weeded,
Let’s not think any more
Before we go.

Fr76pg27.jpg (26104 bytes)

page 27 & 28


ByAnnette Burgess
You’re alive,
But dead inside,
You search for an answer,
But what will you find,
Life is never just a straight line.
It’s too late
To change mistakes
Leave your tears,
In the prayers of last night
Put it all down to fate.
Get up and fight,
What you’ve built yourself,
That shell of hurt and broken dreams
Smash those seams!
Crash them down!
Spread your love and truth around,
Don’t hide your head up in the sky,
Say you don’t care
Why hide your pain,
But even inashell,
You’ll never hide
From the lies people tell,
Or escape the hardships of living
There is happiness,
Only in giving!
Drawings from around the world - Cat Stevens
Fr76stdv.jpg (34585 bytes)
Steve with his brother, David
page 29 & 30


Fantasy Ring Volume I
Fantasy Ring Volume III
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