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Cat Stevens singingThere have been many requests for guitar tabs of Cat Stevens' music. So this page has been created for the musicians who need them. Gerardo Roman was kind enough to start this page off with his rendition of I've Got A Thing About Seeing My Grandson grow Old. And thanks are also due to DJ Illingworth who has taken the time to write out well over 30 guitar tabs already for Majicat. Keep an eye on this page for more guitar tabs to follow and if you happen to have song tabs which you wish to place on line please e-mail me.


* If you have questions concerning any of these song tabs or wish to discuss Cat Stevens Guitar Music with other cat fans and musicians, please feel free to join us on the Guitar Tabs Thread of the Majicat Message Board.

* If you need some assistance in reading these tablature or just beginning to master the art of playing the guitar, please read 'DJ's Guitar Tab Information Page' for advice.

Instructional Videos on YouTube:

Kristians' YouTube Video Home Page


Ori Ben-Dor's Guitar Tab
* 100 I Dream
Gino De Felicis (SP4313)' Guitar Tab
* 'RubyLove' Revised
* 'If I Laugh'
* 'If I Laugh - Alun Davies Guitar part'
* 'Randy'
Magic Mike Likey's Guitar Tab
* 'In The End'
Jacky Bryant's Guitar Tabs

* 'The Wind'
* 'I Love My Dog' extended version
* 'Sun C79'
* 'Katmandu' revised
* 'Into White'
* 'Sad Lisa - Aluns Guitar'
* 'I Want To Live In A Wigwam'
* 'One Day At A Time'

Kristian's aka 'workahollis1' Guitar Tabs
* 'The Little Ones' revised
* 'Peace Train' with classic ending. revised
* 'Maybe There's a World' revised
* 'Mid Day - Avoid City After Dark' revised
* 'On The Road To Find Out - Key Of G'
* 'On The Road To Find Out' revised
* 'In The End' revised
* 'If Only Mother Could See Me Now'
* 'The Beloved'
* 'Green Fields and Golden Sand'
* 'Love Lives In The Sky'
* 'There Is Peace'
* 'The Wind - Aluns Guitar'
* 'Welcome Home'
* 'Roadsinger'
* 'All Kinds of Roses'

Joel B. (Clumsy) Guitar Tabs
* 'Foreigner Suite'
* 'Jesus'
* 'Ghost Town'
* 'Home In The Sky'

Geraldo's Guitar Tabs
* 'Bad Penny'
* 'I've Got A Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old'
* 'I Want to Live in a Wigwam'
* 'King Of Trees'
The Camp's Guitar Tabs
* 'I Wish I Wish'
Andrew Koch's Guitar Tabs
* 'Father and Son'  Verse 4 Instrumental
MonaBoneJakon - Eduardo Carvalho's Guitar Tabs
* 'Father and Son'   Revised
DJ's Guitar Tabs
I wish to express a special Thank You to ( DJ ) David Illingworth for making it possible to place all these Cat Stevens guitar tabs on-line for the many Cat Stevens fans who need them.
Yusuf Islam Songs:
*'Indian Ocean'
Cat Stevens Songs:
'18th Avenue (Kansas City Nightmare)'
* 'A Bad Night'
* 'Angelsea'
* 'Another Saturday Night'
* 'Baby I Have Some Love For You' (from Sink in the Can)
* 'Back To The Good Old Times'
* 'Bad Penny'
* 'Bitterblue' Revised
* 'Blackness of the Night'
* 'But I Might Die Tonight '
* 'Can't Keep It In'
* 'Changes IV'
* 'Child For A Day'
* 'Come On And Dance' Revised
* 'Days of the Old Schoolyard'
* 'Don't Be Shy '
* 'Drywood'
* 'Father & Son' Revised
* 'Freezing Steele
* 'Hard Headed Woman'
.......* Heaven/Where True Love Goes' ..Revised
* 'Here Comes My Baby'
* 'Here Comes My Wife'  Revised
* Honey Man
* 'How Can I Tell You' Revised
* 'How Many Times'
* 'I Love My Dog'
* 'I'm So Sleepy'
* 'I Never Wanted To Be A Star'
* 'I Think I See The Light' Revised
* 'If I  Laugh'
* 'If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out'
* 'I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun'
* 'Image of Hell'
* 'Into White'
* 'It's A Supa Dupa Life'
* 'Just Another Night'
* 'Katmandu' Revised
* 'King Of Trees'
* 'Kitty'
* 'Lady'
* 'Lady D'Arbanville'  Revised
* 'Last Love Song'
* 'Later'
* 'Life'
* 'Lillywhite'
* 'Longer Boats'
* 'Matthew and Son' Revised
* 'Maybe You're Right'
* 'Miles From Nowhere'
* 'Moonshadow'
* 'Moonstone'
* 'Mona Bone Jakon'
* 'Morning Has Broken'
* 'Music'
* 'Nascimento'
* 'Novim's Nightmare'
* 'O'Caritas'
* 'On The Road To Find Out' Revised
* 'Oh Very Young' Revised
* 'Peace Train'
* 'Popstar'
* 'Portobello Road'
* 'Ready'
* 'Ruby Love'
* 'Ruins'
* 'Sad Lisa'
* 'Silent Sunlight'
* 'Sitting'
* 'Sweet Scarlet'
* 'The Artist'
........* 'The Boy With The Moon And Star On His Head' Revised
....... ..* 'The Tramp'
* 'Tea for The Tillerman'
* 'The Day They Made Me Tsar'
* 'The First Cut Is The Deepest'
* 'The View From The Top' Revised
* 'The Wind' 
* 'Time/Fill My Eyes'  Revised
* 'Tuesdays Dead'
* 'Trouble'
* 'Two Fine People'
* 'Where Are You'
* 'Where Do The Children Play?' Revised
* 'Wild World'
DJ's (Alun Davies) Guitar Tabs
* 'I'm Late'
* 'Old Bourbon'



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