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Courtesy of Chris & Annie Abrams


They've got Cat in the British Museum

Cat doesn't have much time off, but recently we found him with a free day and asked him where he'd like to go?

"The British Museum," he replied "They're bringing back the oldies, but this is ridiculous."


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"This is rather crafty- it looks like a ship, but is actually a clock. It's nearly 400 years old, plays a tune and gun fires on the hour."

"Not sure what this is exactly, I think it is Pete's grandfathers string vest as worn in the Boars War."

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" 'Y'know those blokes that draw on toilet walls? This isn't one of those - it's a piece of the wall from the Temple of Jaguar in Mexico. How's that then?"

"This geezer with what looks like a papoose on his back is actually a 1400 year old warrior from the guard of the Persian Kings. How about him at the Palace?"

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"All my own work. D'y' know that if I sit here long enough somebody'll give me a tip? The charmin creature behind me is actually a Indian Bird with a 800 year old mini skirt."

"This looks like a giant pocket watch, but isn't. It's a Roman water-wheel worked by slaves and carted all the way from Spain. Didn't they know about Northern Thames Water Board?"

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"This, me old mates is dead gruesome. It's a marble coffin, 1700 years old, depicting the story of Jonah and the Whale. If they got both of them in there, poor Jonah wouldn't stand much of a chance, would he?"

" Not sure what these are either? Maybe they are Oscars won by Christians for putting up a good show against the lions. Or a gold disc for Nero for fiddling while Rome burned?"

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" This thing I'm sitting on is a common or garden bench comfy and cozy. Just ideal for a kip, in fact which I am about to have. Ta-Ta for now."


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