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This page was created for the fans who would like to contribute their personal experiences to Majicat which are Cat or Yusuf related. Such experiences could have stemmed from a Cat tour of London, a Yusuf Islam Lecture, or experiences of concerts attended years ago. Maybe you would like to review some of the bootleg concerts for Majicat or write an essay about why you are a Cat Stevens fan.... THIS IS YOUR PAGE!



For Fans adventures at the March 1st 2007- Porchester concert:
......*Editorials and Photographs by Marier, SuzieQ, Cristalina and Joanne


Al and The Firecats - The Cat Stevens Tribute Night:
......*Jon Gregsons' Tribute Photographs

......*George Brown's review of the night and Photos by Wolfgang Gaube

Fan Drawing - Man of Peace Painting:
Royal Institute Lecture - London, England October 19th 2004::
*Jon Gregson photographs
Fan Jonas Soriano captures Yusuf Islam and Alun Davies out together in London - 2004:
XM Radio Interview - May 22, 2004 - Washington DC:
Fan photograph from concerts:
* Thomas's  Photograph - Austrian Majikat Concert 1976
Fan Cat Stevens drawings:
* DJs' 'Jam With Cat' Illustration
* Eebee's husband's Cat Stevens painting
* Chris Ford's wonderful Cat Stevens sketches
Pictures from the Midwest Cat Fest: 2001
* Hocking Hills State Park - Cat Fest
Pictures from the Florida: Yusuf Islam Lecture - February 2001
* Cece's Florida photographs 2001
* Vivian's pictures 2001
Photographs from California: Yusuf Islam Lecture - 2001
              * Shirley Pena's (Girlhowdy) UCLA pictures & editorial
* Michael Valenzuela's (Qizlo) UCLA photographs
* Cat Michael's UCLA photographs
* Allyson Shelly's UCLA photographs
Pictures from Florida: Yusuf Islam Lecture - May 2000:
* Vivian's Day - meeting Yusuf Islam in Florida
London Cat Tours:
             * Linda Crafar's Moonshadow pilgrimage in the summer and fall of 1999.
             * Qizlo's (Michael Valenzuela) London journal from March 1999.
Fan Memorabilia:
* Cat Stevens Fan Club - A letter to Gloria Mills to join the Fantasy Ring Club,   September 1974
* Fantasy Ring Booklet - Volume I
* Fantasy Ring Booklet - Volume II
* Fantasy Ring Booklet - Volume III
* Pause - 1960's Fan Club Magazine
* A reply letter from Yusuf Islam to fan Catherine Harmon
Fan Reviews:
Mike Likey - Montreal Majikat Earth Tour Concert - March 10, 1976
Murphy Anderson - The Gaslight Village Bootleg Review
Bruce Lawrie - The Santa Monica, California Bootleg Review
Murphy Anderson - Alun Davies 1963 LP Relax Your Mind
Tarquin Budgerigar - Sydney Austalia Bootleg Review


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