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Cat Stevens Links

Are you looking for more information on Cat Stevens? Listed on this page are links to other sites on the world wide web which are either dedicated to Cat Stevens or Yusuf Islam or associated with him in one way or another. If you know of any other websites that should be listed please let me know.


Yusuf Islam's/Cat Stevens Official Sites:

Other Websites associated with Yusuf Islam:
  • UKIEW - Yusuf Islam's UKIEW Organization (UK Islamic Education Waqf )

  • Hassan Radwan website - A school teacher from the Islamia School's website.

Meet Up With Other Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam Fans:

World Wide Cat Stevens Fan Sites:

Professional Photographers' Websites (those that photographed Cat/Yusuf):
  • Joe Sia Classic Still Website - Professional photography of Cat Stevens from the early 1970's. This is a "must-see-to-appreciate" site. It costs $2.99 to  subscribe to this site but you'll find it's well worth the money as you look through the multitude of celebrities Joe Sia photographed.

  • Authur Usherson's Photography Page  - American Photographer Arthur Ushersons' archive of photographs, taken from when he freelanced in Toronto during the early 1970's. Photographs include live shots of Cat Stevens taken at the 1971 concert at Massey Hall and the 'Lorne and Hart' Show.

  • Jim McCrary Photography Website - Professional Jim McCrary's photography of celebrities during the 1970's.

Cat Stevens' band members' Websites:
  • Jean Alain Roussel's myspace and professional website. Jean has kept busy over the years since his days with Cat Stevens. He has a new band called, 'The One' which debut CD is due out in September 2007. Check out his new music and keep track of the latest tour information! & Myspace-Jean Roussel

    Check out this folkcorp site to see recent pictures of Cat's drummer, Gerry Conway.

  • Pentangle - Jacqui McShee group, with whom Gerry Conway has played drums for many years now.

  • Gerry Conway Biography - From the Jethro Tull Website.

  • Linda Lewis Fan Website

Harold and Maude Sites:
My personal websites:
  • A personal website I have put together of old genealogy type photographs and photographs I have taken over the years. Photography is a small hobby of mine. So I have placed many of the photographs that I have taken over the years up on line. I hope you like them.
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