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CAT STEVENS ALBUMS: Recent Compilation Releases

For discography, album details and reviews, click on the album cover below.

*Newest Release*


Released May 17 & 18 2004


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Cat Stevens Boxed Set
Released in America
October 30, 2001
Released in Europe
November 26, 2001
The Very Best Of Cat Stevens
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Released in America
March 28, 2000
Remember: The Ultimate Cat Stevens Collection
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Released in Europe
November 1999

Courtesy of Peter Noorlander

Cat Stevens' Original Recordings:
For discography, album details and reviews, click on the album cover below.
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Yusuf Islam Recordings:
goldbullet.gif (1114 bytes)In Praise of the Last Prophet
(Yusuf Islam & Friends - includes 'Tala' al-Badru 'Alayna')
goldbullet.gif (1114 bytes)Bismallah
(Yusuf Islam & Friends - includes 'The Wind')
goldbullet.gif (1114 bytes)Prayers of the Last Prophet
(Includes Yusuf Islam’s song 'If You Ask Me'.)
goldbullet.gif (1114 bytes)A is For Allah
(Yusuf Islam's Children's CD)
goldbullet.gif (1114 bytes)I Have No Cannons That Roar
(Mother, Father, Sister, Brother)
(The Little Ones)
goldbullet.gif (1114 bytes)RAIHAN - Syukur - CD
(Seal Of The Prophet)
(God is the Light)
goldbullet.gif (1114 bytes)Life of the Last Prophet
(Tala'a Al-Badru 'Alayna)
(La Ilaha Illa Allah)
(Muhammad Al-Mustafa)
goldbullet.gif (1114 bytes)Islamic Songs of Yusuf Islam
(A is for Allah)
(Afghanistan Land of Islam)
(Turn to Allah)
(Our Guide is the Qu'ran)

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Cat Stevens Bootlegs or Unofficial Recordings:
Live at the Village Gaslight NYC (1970)
French TV Concert - France (11/70)
KCET PBS TV Concert (6/71)
BBC TV  Concert (1971)
Chapter 4 Live (6/21/71)
Berkeley, California (June 30, 1971)
Santa Monica, California (7/1/1971)
NYC (1971)
Father & Son (1971)
Live in Toronto, Canada (1971)
Granada TV
Columbus, Ohio  (10/21/72)
Live in Tampa, FL (10/25/72)
Live in Cleveland, OH (10/30/72)
Live in Toronto, Canada (11/12/72)
Catnip Chicago, IL (1972)
Hoaxer - ABC in Concert (11/9/73)
Boston, Ma  (4/26/74)
Tour of the Cat (1974)
Live in Paris, France (12/75)
Live in London, England (12/20/75)
Live in Rotterdam, Holland (1976 )
Live in Williamsburg, VA (2/22/76)
Boston, Ma (2/27/76)
Stadthalle, Vienna  (5/5/76)
Year of the Child Concert - London, England (11/79)
Fan Reviews:
Murphy Anderson - The Gaslight Village Bootleg Review
Bruce Lawrie - Santa Monica, California, Bootleg Review
Murphy Anderson - Alun Davies 1963 LP - Relax Your Mind
Tarquin Budgerigar - Sydney Australia Bootleg Review



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