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This Pause Fan-Club Newsletter comes courtesy of Anya McCoy, who in 1967, became the first President of the Cat Stevens fan club in the U.S. After writing a fan letter to   Cat Stevens, she recieved a reply from Cats' cousin Helen, asking Anya  if she would like to become the US President of the Cat Fan Club. Many years have passed since then, and she has since recently established the newsgroup for Cat/Yusuf fans. ( in October. Please follow these links to Anya's website for more information on the Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam newsgroup and information on her other interests.


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Cat Stevens Fan Club News Letter August 67  quarterly

 President: Cat Stevens
Secretary: Helen Kitsos

Honorary Club Members

Georgie Fame
Mama’s and Papa s
Paul and Barry Ryan

245 Shafteshury Avenue, London, WC2

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London, August 67

Hej! (That’s hello in Swedish, so I’ve been told)

Cat has asked me to thank you for the birthday wishes and the beautiful cards that you sent him for the 21st July. He also thanks those that sent gifts. I sent a telegram to a Fiesta Club, Stockton, on the Great Day wishing Cat a " Happy Birthday" from "the Fan Club ". Thanks too for all the holiday postcards sent to Cat and myself.

There are a few new items this time. Dee Rider joins us this month to tell you about a visit she made to Cat’s. The lyrics of ‘I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun’ are included and there is a form for sending off your exclusive Cat T-shirt. Please remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you write with a query. Sorry to sound so mean, but as you know postage is a nightmare, and I don’t want the club to go bankrupt just yet.

Love to you all –


‘A BAD NIGHT‘ on Deram is the greatest and ‘The Laughing Apple’ on the B side makes it the perfect buy.

DO YOU REMEMBER Cat’s handwritten letter in the May ‘Pause’? Well, the writer of either the funniest or the letter which most touches my heart can have the original.

COMPETITION RESULTS, Judging the May ‘ Why I go for Cat’ competition was very difficult as there were so many original and witty entries. Eventually three were chosen:

Carol Foster, won the first prize of an L.P. record token.
Loraine Knight, received the E.P. token, which was the second prize.
Rosalind Wilcox, came a close third winning a single record token.

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page 2

CAT FOOD. How would you like to try one of Cat’s favourite dishes? Here is the recipe, just as Cat likes it, given to ‘Pause’ by his mother.

First boil 1 LB of cod in salted water and put aside 1/2 pint of the stock, which you will need for the lemon sauce. Other ingredients for the sauce are:

2 oz butter, 1~ oz flour, the juice from 1 lemon, salt, pepper,
1 teaspoonful of sugar, I egg yolk and 2 tablespoonfuls of fresh cream.

Melt the butter in a pan, blend in the flour carefully, do not let it brown. Add the stock, salt, pepper and sugar, mix the egg yolk in the lemon juice and add to the rest of the mixture away from heat. Blend in the cream. Pour over the fish and serve with boiled potatoes and peas. Serves four. Bon Appetite

NEWS FLASHES... Cousins of Cat’s over from Sweden on a visit, went wild when ‘they saw his western gear, and left for home each sporting a black Stetson....Club member 1323 Lynn Hartley from Middlebrough made news in the Northern Echo, when she, and sisters Lynne and Maureen Wilmott, gave up a London Holiday to see Cat appear at the Fiesta Club Stockton.... Cat changed his mind about taking a flat near London’s Russell Square when the news leaked out, as the place was invaded before he even moved in... The cowboy hat, which is the first prize in this month’s competition, was acquired only after a long vigil, as Daniel, Cat’s three—year-old nephew, took a fancy to it, bagged it and practically slept in it for three weeks. Happily he grew tired of it and it could be sneaked away... Cat’s sister, Anita, who is at University in Vienna, is over for a visit... Cat has fan mail from Japan, Yugoslavia and Iceland....

SPECIAL PHOTO OFFER of 10 in x 8 in block and white signed glossies of the Mexican pic of Cat on page 8. It you would like one, just send a postal order for 2. 6d. made payable to the fan club. Postage is inclusive.

CAT’S DIARY.... Cat is on holiday for most of August taking an overdue rest, except for: 2nd — 6th August when he will be touring Ireland.


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page 3


DRAW A FUNNY FACE and win one of the following treasures:

1st prize – Cat’s black cowboy hat of ‘ I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun’

2nd prize – The white cotton sailor trousers Cat wore at the Albert Hall for the Aberfan Charity Concert.

3rd prize - A favourite African print tie of Cat’s, specially made for him by a boutique.

Just draw a face in one of the circles below. The extra circles are allowed for mistakes, three tries, or a composition. In fact, any thing at all that you like.. One has been filled in below to give you an idea.

Complete the form with your name, address, age and membership number, and send it to:

FUNNY FACE Competition, 245 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2, to arrive not later than the 31st August. Cat will judge the entries and the winners -are to be announced in the next news letter.


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page 4


Words and music by Cat Stevens. Copyright Cat Music Ltd.

I’ve been demoralized too many times
But now I realise
0h I know more:
I’m gonna get me a gun,
I’m gonna get me a gun.
And those people who put me down had better get ready to run
‘Cos I’m gonna get me a gun.
I know my destiny it’s like a sun
You’ll see the best of me
When I have got my gun.
So you think you can push me around
And make me run.
Well I’m gonna tell you now,
Gonna get me a gun,
Gonna get me a gun
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page 6


by Dee Rider

My appointment to meet Cat Stevens was at one o’clock, but he wasn’t in, so I wandered around the British Museum for about an hour staring at the mummies and stamps and things.

Bang on two, I was at his flat door again, feeling sure he was in this time as I could hear a piano playing. I didn’t know what to expect as I had only been hastily introduced to him in the street as he was being whisked by bounder—type people in a large car. So there I was knocking on his door and hoping I looked okay in my latest Biba gear and trying not to be put off by the furious barking of a dog from inside.

The door was suddenly opened by Peter James, Cat’s friend, and I was ushered in. A dear little dog answering to Pepe, yapped around my ankles, but she soon stopped when I petted her, and was tolling over on her back, waving little legs and asking for more.

There, in a large room was Cat, pounding away at. a beautiful baby grand piano. The tune was completely unknown to me, in fact folks, I was witnessing Cat Stevens composing. He broke off and apologized for not being in earlier. I said that heavens it didn’t matter, I understood how busy he must be. He started to play again, this time ‘Matthew and Son’, grinning over his shoulder at me be said, ‘recognise this? I sat back and listened.

The room, quite honestly, was in a mess. His guitar was propped against the television, magazines, books (a volume of Shakespeare and a Gerald Scarfe cartoon book, amongst others), a tape recorder and all its expensive gear and stage clothes were all over the place.

Cat himself looked great, wearing white trousers, a pale blue silk shirt and multicolored tie, his dark head bent in concentration over the keyboard. He finished playing and went straight over to a record player and put on a batch of mostly classical Lp's.

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