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DJs' Illustration

DJ, who is responsible for most of the guitar tabs on Majicat, painted this illustration for the front cover of the tribute CD he is making of Cat Stevens songs, entitled 'Jam with the Cat'.

This is an excellent depiction into the imagination of Cat Stevens artistry. If you take a few minutes to thoroughly examine this painting, you will recognise many Cat related details throughout, which most fans will be able to recognise. There are many different items here with a connection to either songs or aspects of Cat's life and career. How many items can you identify?

Jam With Cat Illustration


‘Jam with the Cat’ Connections Revealed

 Before we start this, let's first reveal... the odd one out … the single oak leaf on the tree is a personal reference to Oakwood Studios where I create all my artistic and musical projects.


The snowman …. is wearing Teasers blue top hat from the ‘Teaser & the firecat’ front cover, and wearing a scarf with the polar bear image from the ‘Foreigner’ album sleevework.

There is …" a black spider dancing on top of his eye"…( from ‘Into white’ )

The spider is the one featured on the artwork for ‘Buddha & the chocolate box’, and the snowman’s nose is the bamboo flute the spider plays , I wonder if it tickles!

Do you remember that…"’snowmen sleep in the sea"….? (from ‘Two fine people’.)

Well, the melting flow of snow will eventually reach the sea, just like the stream on the cover of ‘Back to earth’, and floating down the stream is the lily featured inside the CD sleeve for the ‘Mona Bone Jakon’ album ( it is also ‘Lily-white’ ).

The sky … on the back of theNumbers’ album has these same stars, seen in the castle illustration, and, if you count them, they are …" seven evening stars"… (from ‘Angelsea ).

The spaceship has a sticker on the side that says that it is 'VENUS BOUND' ( from ‘Freezing steel’ ) in the ship is Trezlar off on another adventure, no doubt, ( I think that fellow Polygon Qizlo must have lent him it ), in his hand he is holding a key ( ..they’ll be taking the key from the door".. (from ‘Longer boats’, which is another song, like ‘Freezing steel’, about aliens and flying saucers.)

The lightning flash is from the ‘Tea for the Tillerman’ cover, and the ‘Home in the sky’ that you can see is the Polygon castle from ‘Numbers’.

Flying around the castle are a circle of birds, based on one of Cat’s own drawings, that also gave it’s name to the Cat Stevens fanzine ‘Fantasy Ring’.

The fence … has on top of it a European robin, .." listen to the robin’s song…" ( from ‘On the road to find out").

Below the robin there is a piece of broken fence warning BEWARE ( .."beware, beware.." from ‘Wild world’ ).

On the original ‘Teaser & the firecat’ illustration the graffiti says BROKEN FENCE , so here someone’s written BAD BRAKE(S) instead .

Through the gap in the fencing you can see a real fancy dancer ( from ‘Hard headed woman’ ) with .." a feathered hat an’ all, wearing a warm wool shawl wrapped around her shoulders"…and dressed in scarlet red, (from ‘Sweet scarlet’)

Could it be Carly Simon, Steve’s one time girlfriend?,… but this is certainly the …"woman who made the rain come…" ( from the track ‘Tea for the Tillerman’ ) , and she is even casting a ‘Moonshadow’.

Just behind Cat’s shoulder is the logo from his soundtrack film ‘Harold and Maude’, and above that is the oriental writing from the ‘Catch bull at four’ album cover.

Further along is a poster for a live concert, is it just another ‘Saturday night’? , because he’s had enough of those! The poster shows the stage set from Cat’s ‘Saturnight’ album cover.

The initials D.J ( David John ) appear where S.G (Steven Georgiou, Cat’s original name ) was on the ‘Teaser & the firecat’ cover, also where Cat disguised the year of his painting, ‘69, as knots of wood, here there is ‘02’ for 2002.

Moving along, there is Cat Stevens own self portrait cartoon that he must have sneakily drawn on there earlier, he’s shown wearing the logo of the amplifier company ‘WEM’ on his T-shirt.

The useful sign further along the road points ‘TO FIND OUT’ (from ‘On the road to find out’ ), I’m sure it won’t be long before Cat’s on his way,.. I know he will….

Peeping out from behind the fence is the dog from the promotional photos for the single

‘I love my dog’ . I wonder…..‘Was dog’… wearing… ‘a doughnut’… then too?

Sat on top of the dog’s head , what else could it be, but a ‘Brown haired dogmouse’ ( from ‘Into white’ )

The tree … on the right has a ‘Hummingbird’ , but ,oh, alas, it’s puncturing a peculiar fruit and leaking out all the ‘Banapple gas’.

Sat in the tree is one of the five red owls from the ‘Teaser & the firecat’ story book and animated film, he has a red yo-yo ( from the ‘Izitso’ cover ) dangling from his wing to amuse him until the next full moon drops from the sky.

Below the owl is a ‘Laughing apple’, obviously amused by the yo-yo.

There are two carvings on the tree trunk, one says that this is ..." old Satan’s tree…" ( from ‘Katmandu’ ) and the other proclaims it as the ‘King of trees’.

Hung from the branches is a hammock from the ‘Foreigner’ album back cover, but don’t have a lie down just yet, we’ve nearly done….

The pavement… has on it a framed photograph of Stavros Georgiou , Steve’s ‘Father’ as he appeared on the front cover of the menus in his restaurant, with Cat ‘Sitting’ on his own, but not by himself, there’s the photo to bring back memories of ‘Father & son’.

Next to this is a hot cup of tea ( from the ‘Tea for the Tillerman’ front cover) , and a jar full of something to sweeten it with … Cat must be a ‘Honey man’.

Having the best jam ever, and teasing out the musical notes is Kabuki, Steve’s own pet cat , and also the name given to the brand on the jam jar label.

The dustbin is no longer crying ( from the ‘Mona Bone Jakon’ front cover ), but instead has the Firecat’s fishbone poking out from under it’s lid. Kabuki is much more interested in the sweet jamming that his master produces though.

Something else that got thrown out is the ticket stub on the ground, a third row seat for Cat’s never realised musical - ‘Revolussia’, in row ‘C’ seat No.’79’ ( from Sun/C79 ).

Next someone has left a very precious gift for him in a basket, the fairest little baby, ‘The boy with the moon and star on his head’. Don’t wake him or he’ll start crying to be fed…

The road … here lies the chocolate box , I can only guess that it’s contents must have been eaten already, and the box just discarded material now, there must be other things to discover …( from the ‘Buddha & the chocolate box’ sleeve artwork) .

The wine bottle is empty, except for the last ‘Sweet scarlet’ drop , this label reveals itself to be a fine vintage red, the label reads MOULIN vin ROUGE , another reference to the ‘Moulin Rouge’ restaurant Steve’s father owned .

Lastly the Rolling Stone magazine has Cat Stevens at the height of his popularity posing as Teaser on it’s front cover, the pinnacle achievement of Pop stardom that "somebody left behind.."

Well, he "never wanted to be a star" anyway, he just "wanted to put a little love in your heart"…. and he definitely succeeded.

David John


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