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Vivian finally meets Yusuf

Yusuf Islam lecture
Miami, Florida on May 21, 2000


Asilda and Vivian meet in Florida to attend the Yusuf Islam Lecture.

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Oh I'm on my way, I know I am!

The hat reads :
Cat Stevens Official UK Website

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          On the Road to find out - Follow the arrow

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First ones here ! Do you think we are too early?

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At last, first eye contact

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Dream come true

Vivpix10.jpg (15746 bytes)

Pinch me - I'm dreaming

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Yusuf signing his autograph for me

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Same beautiful smile

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Yusuf autographing "A is for Allah"

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Yusuf leaving the hotel after the lecture.

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Final Farewell

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Helping ourselves to Yusuf's Donuts.....well someone had to eat them :-)

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Any body hungary ? WOOF WOOF

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Back home showing off my latest autograph

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Mike and I running to my computer " What a wonderful day ! "


An article to the South Florida Sun-Sentenel newspaper article




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