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XM Radio - Autograph session

The photographs below were taken by my sister Mary Sue Chenevey, after the xm interview in the autograph room. My gratitudes go out to Mohammad Khan, Allen Goldberg, Yusuf Islam and XM Radio for giving us the opportunity to attend this intimate little gathering. Myself along with 5 or 6 other Cat fans who heard about the interview through the Cat sites, met up at the XM radio station in Washington DC to attend the XM radio interveiw. It was really thrilling meeting Yusuf, after being a fan for what seems like an eternity now. Even though I imagine Yusuf had to be quite tired after all his travels. He flew in from London to attend the NYC premiere on Monday and then off to Washington DC for this event on Thursday. Considering all the traveling, Yusuf was a still a very warm and friendly host. It was quite a nice little adventure. It was also enjoyable meeting and talking with other fans who made the short trek to Washington DC to watch this interview. Below are some photographs of myself, as well as a few other fans who met up with Yusuf Islam in the autograph room. I thank Yusuf for all of us, for taking the time to meet with us.


Photographs by M.S. Chenevey

Group shot of Cat fans

Mawa, Joanne (hardheadedsofthrtd), Sue Vukson, me (Christine), Craig (bornthenine) and Colleen in the lobby of the radio station.

Yusuf Islam


Yusuf Islam


Yusuf Islam


Yusuf Islam signing an autograph


Mawa and Yusuf

Mawa & Yusuf

Yusuf Islam signing autograph

Colleen & Yusuf

Yusuf Islam signing autograph

Sue & Yusuf

Yusuf and Christine talking

Christine & Yusuf

Yusuf Islam and Christine

Christine & Yusuf

Christine and David Gordon

Christine with David Gordon (Yusufs' brother)


XM Radio Interview Photograph.

Mawa and Colleens' XM Radio Autograph Photographs:

David Harringtons' XM Interview Photographs:

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