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These photographs come courtesy of fan Cat Michael. They were taken by Cat Michael at the UCLA May 23, 2000 Yusuf Islam lecture he attended with many other Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam fans.A night he and many other fans will not forget for a very long time.


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The sign for the Yusuf Islam Speech, May 23, 2000 on the UCLA Campus.

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Yusuf, while he was meeting with his website fans, prior to his talk at the UCLA Campus.

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Yusuf during the Question and Answer session, after his talk. Taken a short while before he sang " God is the Light". We had GREAT seats!

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Cat Michael (left ) , with Yusuf’s brother David Gordon.

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Cat Stevens fans

  Cat Michael (left ), Cindy (middle) and Julia (right) at UCLA out side Moore hall where the speech took place.


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