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Date: 7th January 2007 To: Majicat From: Kristian aka "workahollis1" If Only Mother Could See Me Now. Cat Stevens 1968 Chords used, BM/F# BM G D FM# A 224432 X24432 320003 XX0232 244222 X02220 E C C/G Bb AM A7SUS2 022100 X32010 3X2010 X13331 X02210 X02000 INTRO BM/F# [-2--2--2--2--2--2---2--2--2--2--2--2---] [-3--------3---------3--------3---------] [-4--------4---------4--------4---------] [-4--------4---------4--------4---------] [-2--------2---------2--------2---------] [-2--------2---------2--------2---------] BM G D FM# A E The night was long and lonely , everything in sight was warm amd tranquil, A E hey hey hey C C/G G D Bb C AM A A7SUS2 I took a walk along the dark deserted stones of stones of old chapel ah ah BM G D FM# A E Didn't know quite what to do and what I knew was all behind me A E hey hey hey C C/G G D Bb C AM so with the stars above my head, I let the silence set inside me A A7SUS2 and guide me CHORUS D E A G D E A G If only mother could see me now, on the white horse silver cloud. D E A G D A C/G if only daddy could see me ride, he'd be so proud!! G A D G G D G D of this little devil boy. verse BM G D FM# A E I saw seas of mirror without a reason to remind me A E hey hey hey C C/G G D Bb C AM and all the people that I'd loved were searching high above to find me A A7SUS2 and so kindly CHORUS BRIDGE DONE IN PIANO BUT LA'S ALWAYS SOUND GOOD BM G LA LA LA LA LA LA D F# LA LA LA LA LA LA A C G A LA LA LA LA LA LA AH AH AH OR TAB GUITAR LIKE THESE NOTES. BB C B A G A A B A G F#G G A G F#D D G A BM G D F# A C G A [--77-8-7-5-3-5-5-7-5-3-2-3-3-5-3-2-----3--5--] [-----------------------------------3-3-------] [---------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------] [---------------------------------------------] CHORUS AND END ON D CHORD

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