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To: Majicat
Date: 11/1/2002       From: Gerardo Roman         



A BAD PENNY (W. & M by Cat Stevens)

Intro: G - G/F# - G/F – E – Am – B7 – Em – D

[G] Oh [G/F#] don’t [G/F] say those [E] same idol [Am] lies, I [B7] have heard them be-[Em]-fore [Em/D#]Oh [Em/D]Oh [C] this, fool [B7] who – who [Em] left, half his [G] heart on an early [A sus 4]-train-[A] won’t buy no [D] more [B7] [Em] [D]

(Same chords for the next strophe)

Oh no, don’t use those same weeping eyes, I’ll wipe them no more. I didn’t want to have to be cruel, but the truth must be said and you, ain’t heard enough.

Oh it was [Am]-not so long [C]-ago

Since you [Am]-wandered out of [C]-here

To be-[G]-come a silver mo-[D]-del

A ci-[Am]-ty on the [C]-air

So don’t [Am]-choke me with your [C]-lies

Because this [Am]-man has open [C]-eyes

I can [G]-see [G/F#] …(Goes on with the same chords like the first strophe) I can see I can tell. Oh oh, oh ooh oh.


[Bm] I’ve had it en-[Em]-ough, all those [D]-sneaky bars and [C]-smart parties.

(goes on with the same previous chords)

I’ve had it enough, all those sweet friends and lovers

I’ve… I’ve had it enough, all those lonely rooms and blank faces.


[Bm] I’ve had it en-[Em]-ough.

And I [G] want [D] you

I [G] want [D] you, no more

I [G] want [D] you no mo-[C]-re [G] [Am] [A sus 4] [D]

Oh [G]-no [G/F#]-don’t (Goes on just like the chords in the first strophe) say those same, idol lies. I have heard them before, oh oh this fool who, who left, half his heart on an early train, won’t buy no more.


G - G7/F – C/E - G - Am – D

E – E7/D – A/C# - E – B

E – F – G – Am – G7/B – C

G – Am – D – C – G



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