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To: Majicat
Date: 12/05/2000       From: DJ             

    Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens (1970)

Bring tea for the tillerman,
  Dm           F
Steak for the son,
  C                                    Bb
Wine for the  woman who made the rain come,
   F                 C       G                       C    Am
Seagulls sing your hearts a-way, 'cause while the sinners sin,
        G     Em
The children play,
C      Dm             Em         F
  Oh, Lord, how they play, and play,
           G                 Bb  F   C     Am  G   C    D C G
For that happy day, for that hap-py day

Chords:      C          Dm          F          Bb 
           332010     xx0231     113211     113331 

             G          Am          D          Em
           320033     x02210     xx0232      022000  


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