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Date: 4/1/2002   
To: Majicat     From: The Camps

I Wish I Wish by Cat Stevens

Intro:  C Dm7 D7 G G7
C           Dm7       D7       G        G7
I wish I knew,  I wish I knew
C                       Dm7                  D7            G    G7
what makes me, me, and what makes you, you.
C             D7                    G       B
It's just another point of view, ooo.
E                 A7                     D         B
A state of mind I'm going through, yeah.
E               A7               D      G       F
So what I see is never true, nooo.

C                  Dm7       D7             G       G7     
I wish I could tell, I wish I could tell
C                      Dm7              D7         G    G7
what makes a heaven what makes a hell.
C           D7                    G      B
And do I get to ring my bell, ooo.
E               A7                    D     B
Or land up in some dusty cell, nooo.
E                   A7                    D    G      F
While others reach the big hotel, yeah.


C          Dm7     D7        G     G7
I wish I had, I wish I had
C                   Dm7                D            G       G7
the secret of good, and the secret of bad.
C                    D7                          G       B 
Why does this question drive me mad? why.
E                     A7                       D      B
'Cause I was taught when but a lad, yeah,
E                      A7                        D     G       F              
That bad was good and good was bad, nooo.

C            Dm7        D7           G   G7
I wish I knew the mystery of
C                       Dm7                 D7              G       G7
that thing called hate, and that thing called love.
C                       D7                     G          B
What makes the in-between so rough? why.
E             A7                       D           B
Why is it always push and shove? why.
E             A7                         D      G        F   
I guess I just don't know enough, yeah.
SOLO (fade out)


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