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To: Majicat
Date: 12/05/2000       From: DJ             


             Maybe You're Right by Cat Stevens (1970) 



G   Eb   D   Em   C    G      F  C  G             

Verse 1

G                 C    Dsus4      D             Em
  …maybe you're right,       and maybe you're wrong,
C                      G                           F                C
  But, I ain't gonna argue with you no more, I've done it far too long----,
G                     C            Dsus4   D          Em
  It was getting so good, why then,      where did it go?
C           G                      F               C
  I can't think about it no more, tell me if you know----,
G                  C    Dsus4  D             Em
  You were loving me, I----       was loving you,
C                         G  
   But now ,there ain't nothing but regretting ,
C              G                   F               C
   Nothing, nothing but regretting   everything we do 

G   Eb   D   Em   C    G      F  C  G

Verse 2
G                     C         Dsus4  D               Em
  I put up with your lies,  like      you put up with mine,
C                       G
  But, God knows, we should have stopped somewhere,
F                               C
   We could've have taken the time----,
G                 C        Dsus4      D          Em
  The time has turned, yes,     some call it the end
C                       G                     C          G
  So, tell me, tell me did you really love me   like a friend?
C                     G
  You know you don't have to pretend, 
C           G        C                G
  It's all over now,    it'll never happen again,
         C                 G          C             G
No, no, no, it'll never happen again,   it won't happen again,
C        G               C               G
  Never,   never, never,   it'll never happen again, 
F            C               G  Eb  D  Em  C  G  F  C G
No, no, no,  no, no, no, no, no,                        So…

Verse 1

Coda   G  Eb  D  Em  C  G   F C   F C   G


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