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Date: 12/05/2000            From: DJ   
To: Majicat

            LONGER BOATS  by Cat Stevens 

G   C/G  (x4)

  G          C/G   G          C/G             G          C/G
Longer boats are coming to win us,  they're coming to win us,
          G          C/G    G          C/G   G           C/G
They're coming to win us, longer boats are coming to win us,
G     C/G          G    D               C             C       G C/G G C/G G
  Hold on to the shore, or they'll be taking the key from the door---------

Verse 1
         G                 D7            G  D         G     C/G  G
I don't want no god on my lawn, just a flow-er I can help a-long---,
                           D7            G  D    C   Em/B  A
'Cause the soul of nobody knows, how a flow-er grows---------,
             C  Em   A
Yes, how a flow-er grows


Verse 2
        G                      D7            G   D          G        C/G  G
Mary dropped her pants by the sand, & let a par-son come & take her hand---
                        D7              G   D   C  Em/B  A
But the soul of nobody knows where the par-son goes-------,
               C  Em/B  A  G  C/G  G   C/G
Where does the par-son go------------------?


Additional live verse
             G                  D7             G    D
Raise your mind up, and look a-round, you can see them,
                G     C/G  G                     D7
Yes, they're looking down----from a lonely aster-oid,
     G   D    C   Em/B  A      C   Em/B               A
In a va-cant void----------, dying,     but not des-troyed



Chords:         G                C/G           D           Em                   Em/B                A
               3x0003         3x2013      xx0232      022000           x22000         x02220


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