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Date: 10th September 2009 To: Majicat From: Kristian aka "workahollis1" All Kinds Of Roses Yusuf Roadsinger
download txt file youtube G G5 G2 C Cadd2 G G2 G/B D/A G I-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------I I-0-0h1-3------3-----1p0-1p0-0h1------1-----3p1-3p1--0------0--0h1--0---------------I I---------0------0---------------0------0--------------0-----------------2---2--0---I I-----------0----------------------2---------------------0-----------------0--------I I----------------------------3-------3------3-----------------------2----0----------I I-3-----3------3-----3-------------------------------3---------3----------------3---I I--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3---I I-0-0h1-3------3-----1p0-1p0-0h1------1-----3p1-3p1--0------0--0h1--0--------------------0h1-----I I---------0------0---------------0------0--------------0-----------------2---2--0---0------------I I-----------0----------------------2---------------------0-----------------0------0--------------I I----------------------------3-------3------3-----------------------2----0-----------------------I I-3-----3------3-----3-------------------------------3---------3----------------3--------3-------I
G C All Kinds Of Roses All Kinds Of Roses G D G All Kinds Of Roses grow in my garden G C all kinds of creatures all kinds of creatures G D G all kinds of creatures run on my land Em Am7 All kinds of children all kinds of children Em B Em all kinds of children play in my yard C So many feelings G G/F# Em C G/B D/A G so many feelings throw through my blood riff G C All kinds of people All kinds of people G D G All kinds of people make up my life G C all kinds of faces all kinds of faces G D G all kinds of faces show me thier love Em Am7 all kinds of lanterns all kinds of lanterns Em B Em all kinds of lanterns light up the dark C but theres only one god G G/F# Em C G/B D/A G only one god has a place in my heart riff G C All Kinds Of Roses All Kinds Of Roses G D G All Kinds Of Roses live in my garden
G G5 G2 C Cadd2 G/B D/A Em Am7 B G/F# 300003 300033 300013 x32010 x32030 x20003 x00232 022000 x02010 x24442 2x0003

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