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Melody Maker
September 16, 1972
Written by Mark Plummer
Courtesy of Linda Crafar



Alun Davis is Cat Stevens’ second guitarist, the man with the Epiphone putting in the little fills. Long before he started working with Cat he was working as a folk singer right back to the days of beatniks roaming over Europe when he and Jon Mark traipsed through France hitchhiking, busking for their supper and occasionally dropping into St. Tropez to work on the yachts in the harbour. He even made an album with Jon for Decca in Denmark Street one afternoon when it was quite something for a folk group to get their music on black plastic. So although on first count it looks like he got the gig because of his work with Cat, and that must have been the decisive factor when he signed with Clive Davis. Alun has already partly established himself. The music here has a stamp of Cat Stevens on it, but that had to happen with Cat helping out on the production side with Paul Samwell-Smith, especially on a song like “Abram Brown Continued.” The beginning acapella vocal pattern to “Abram Brown Continued” is typical Cat Stevens. The harmonies bouncing and working for and against each other is a perfect Steven’s Russian mood. So are the backing tracks with their drum patterns and double bass patterns, over that though Alun has a character of his own that is fully explored on “Daydo” both in his writing and as a performer. There are plenty of good, interesting songs, and from working with Cat he has a full understanding and appreciation for writing good, strong melodies, so when in places his lyrics tend to fall down a little there is still a tune to keep interest going. The puzzling is what audience he is looking for, but there must be one somewhere. Incidentally when is the fine “Sweet Thursday” album he cut with Jon Mark and Nicky Hopkins ever going to be re-released?

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