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Majikat Earth Tour
Boston, Massachussetts
February 27, 1976


newly discovered tape

Recent discovery this was just located along with Boston 1974 and Berkeley 1971. The audio of this particular find, is probably the best to date, superior to even Santa Monica or NYC 1971. It sounds to me, as if it may have been a tape recorded right from the stage rather than the work of a amateur concert goer, as the audience applause is in the background rather than the foreground. And Cats voice and his guitar is so clear, much clearer than any other boot I have listened to.



1. The Wind
2. Moonshadow
3. Where DO The Children Play?
4. Another Saturday Night
5. C79
6. King Of Trees
7. Whistlestar
8. Miles From Nowhere
9. Lady D'Arbanville
10. Banapple Gas
11. Hard Headed Woman
12. Tuesday's Dead
13. Oh Very Young
14. I Love My Dog (but sounds very different to anything I've heard before, brilliant) Real Audio
15. How Can I Tell You
16. Sitting
17. Majik Of Majiks (or as Cat introduces it "MAGIC")
18. Sad Lisa
19. Two Fine People
20. Ruins
21. Peace Train
22. Father & Son
23. Blue Monday (totally different tempo to Sink or Hammersmith) Singing for tribute to Fats Birthday
24. Wild World.
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