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November 1970
Lady D'Arbanville Realaudio w/slideshow
Wild World Realaudio w/slide show
Katmandu Realaudio w/slide show
Maybe Your Right (real audio) or  Realaudio w/slideshow


This is a wonderful Bootleg Video from a November 1970 French TV Production though it is very short in legnth, it is such a sweet video and a must for all Cat fans. Cat is wearing   the lime green pants and  Black T-shirt with the green leaves across it, which is known as the Tillerman outfit. He sings only 4 songs, but each song is a pure gem, especially this beautiful live rendition of Katmandu, which Cat performs solely on his own. Alun Davies is the only backup Cat has during the other 3 songs, as was the case for most of the early '70' gigs. Another reason this video bootleg is such a nice treat, is because between each number, Cat is interviewed by  French interviewer.



After Lady D'Abanville:

" For me, the problem with most of the things is people trying to make most of the world on one level"

" Mustn’t take away the individual person. Once you take away this, you lose everything and the whole world goes mad"

"Make your own friends and not have enemies, and be true to your friends and yourself"

After Wild World:

" It’s the worst thing for me to rely on something artificial, I say something to put in, to make yourself aw fulfilled. The thing is I um sometimes think smoking is OK, but it is not a way of life."


The French Interviewer asks, " in all the songs you have now, what is the one you like best singing? "

Cat : " I think um " Maybe You’re Right , Maybe You’re Wrong"

"It’s the story of someone understanding one another and saying you know what, I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to leave, I just want to tell you that this is you, this is me, so OK, lets live."

 These wonder television stills come courtesy of Bruce Lawrie. He says they are in B&W because the video copy he has is in the NTSC format and living in Europe, it made the picture come out as B&W. Thank you once again Bruce for these wonderful Stills.

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