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The Cat Stevens Event Calendar

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           CS Event Calendar or to view the Year to Year Log

Cat Stevens Concerts, TV & Radio gigs, plus other important dates which majicat has placed together for you in a year to   year log.


This past few months I have been busy trying to complete the task of placing an event calendar on line. It can be used as a reference  in which you can place the important events in Cat Stevens career within the month that they occurred. I choreographed it with the new calendar year 2002. It is color-coded for easier reading, with specific colors matching up with specific years. You may read this online here on the website or print it out to view off line. There are a couple of months in which Cat was an extremely busy performer, these months will take up to two sheets of paper to print, as it was impossible to keep it within a one page guideline.

Printing out the Calendar:

For those of you who prefer to print out this calendar you may wish to prepare your printer for this task. Most printers print only in black & white by default and will not print the background colors of webpages or tables. So to remedy this, you will have to modify your printer to print colors to make the calendar easier to read. It is very easy procedure and will only take a minute or two to configure your browser. For those not formiliar with this practice, I have placed an instruction page to guide you through this procedure, unfortunately this only works with Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. printer set up.

To Print the Calendar:

First make sure you have your printer formatted in the Landscape layout , your browser has been re-configured, if you wish to view the color-coding for easier reading. Then you can print it out right from your print button on your browser.


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