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One of Cat Stevens first Tours, during Cats first pop faze. This is an entertaining read. And a very good early picture of a teenage Cat. This program comes courtesy of Jill Mallow.


The Walker Brothers Show Official Programme

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Cat Stevens
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That much over worked term "overnight success" usually means the result of several years of concentrated work. but not so with Cat Stevens. No less than 10 weeks after " I love My Dog" was released the term " star " was already being freely applied to Cat.

Cat made his entry to the business via the very talented Mike Hurst. Mike was so knocked out with his singing and songwriting ability that he rushed him into a studio, and less than three days later " I Love My Dog " was in the can and ready for release. From there on, everyone knows the success Cat has had, and his reputation as a songwriter is marked by the fact that already three people, namely, The Tremeloes, Paul and Barry Ryan, and David Garrick have had sizable hits with Cat's songs.

Those of you who have heard of Cat's first LP will undoubtedly agree that all the tracks put him among the ranks of the world's leading composers. No doubt, Cat's follow-up to " Matthew and Son " which is titled " I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun " _released on March 24_ will give him his first No.1.

Cat Stevens, real name Steve Adams, was born on July 21, 1948 in Middlesex Hospital. Since then he has lived in Shaftesbury Avenue, above his parents restaurant. He has one brother, David ( 24 ) and a sister, Anita (26). Cat was educated in London and later attended Hammersmith Art College, where he was studying mural design. Unfortunately, they didn't take kindly to Cat practicing guitar during college hours and he was asked to leave.

On the personal side, Cat has brown eyes and black hair and is 5ft 10 1/2 inches tall He likes swimming, comic strips, reading, painting and, of course dogs. He dislikes starchy shirts, rain, wet matches, being misunderstood, and running his life like a timetable. His favourite food is watermelon and his favourite drinks are vodka and lime and milk.

Cat has been looking forward to this tour for many weeks, and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as he.


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