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Here is a small glimpse at the Year of the Child Programme that Cat had performed at Wembly Empire Pool, London, England, to mark his finale performance of his career. Along with Cat Stevens at this Unicef benefit concert, on December 1979   were, David Essex, Gary Numan, Real Thing, Sky, & Wishbone Ash. Other people who joined Cat on stage with his performance were long time side man Alun Davies, David Essex (who helped Cat sing 'Child For A Day') and Richard Thompson. This program comes courtesy by site contributor Keith Balaam and Alan Bayly.

'Together for Children' ( a joint Oxfam/Unicef Programme) presents:

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Cat Stevens

Born Steven Demetre Georgiou

His life began in London on July 21, 1948. The son of a Greek Cypriot father and a Swedish mother, his childhood was spent in a flat above his parents restaurant. With gifts of musical and artistic talent, he became, at the age of 17, an international pop star.

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For many of us he has been an illusive, magical and highly distant star. As his fame grew, his life became an endless cycle of hit records, touring, concerts, screaming fans and constant pressures. At 18 he contacted a serious illness. He used enforced layoff as an opportunity to expand to implement the changes that he felt were necessary in order to make his music in his own way. His new musical style set a tone for other singer/songwriters. " It's them they know, not me" was his complaint and he began producing albums in a more personal way. He cares deeply for his audience and has seemed always to understand their hopes and dreams.

Yusuf Islam

Although he grew his beard a very long time ago, it was symbolic of the future. Four years ago his brother David gave him a copy of the holy Qur'an. It was the truth he had been searching for and his heart was soon filled with love for Allah.

"It's like falling in love…you glimpse your destiny…it fills my life."

From that earliest moment he was willing to forgo all of music for Islam, but learned that was not altogether necessary. On September 7, 1979 he married. She is Muslim.

Who is he now?

He is a man whose songs are autobiographical. He is a deeply spiritual man whose reaction to fame was one of seclusion. He is no longer a victim of fame. He is dedicated to the preservation of childhood innocents coupled with adult wisdom, he pursues honesty and truth. He returns the love of those of us who listens. He has stripped himself of the unnecessary trappings of fame. He answers phone calls and mail. He prays to Allah five times a day and is studying Arabic. He is real, at peace, and full of love.

Track list of Cat Stevens songs from the Year of The Child Concert:

Introduction of Cat Stevens to the enthusiatric crowd at Wembly by Paul Gambaccini .

".... during the course of those 13 yrs he has become one of Britains most popular international stars, but also the best friend Unicef has had in rock music. His name is Yusuf Islam__ you may know him as Cat Stevens ! "


The Wind  Real Audio
On Road To Find Out
Just Another Night Real Audio
Where Do The Children Play
Father and Son
Morning Has Broken
Peace Train
Child For A Day  Real Audio


There is also an incomplete Bootleg Video from Swedish TV with this discography:
Where Do The Children Play
Father and Son
Morning Has Broken
Child For A Day Real Video




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