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If you were one of the lucky few people who attended a Cat Stevens Concert in 1976 for the Majikat Tour, this is the programme you may have bought at that time. If you are viewing this programme for the very first time, please take time to read the articles as they are quite entertaining.

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A Theory Tail

Cat Stevens was born on 21st July 1948 in London. The youngest of three children, he was christened Stephen Demetri Georgiou. Together with his brother David and his sister Anita, he lived above his parents' restaurant,'The Moulin Rouge', just around the corner from the British Museum. His mother's Swedish, his father Cypriot. When he was old enough to balance a plate, his father set him to work in the shop, (after all, ' money not grow on trees,' he would say).

He made great friends with all the customers; by time he was 7 he had earned for himself the princely position of waiter, and boasted his first starch-white jacket, which he immediately dyed red. This was not enough for him, however. His real dream was to become a famous painter like his Uncle Hugo in Sweden. He spent most of his time drawing cartoons and building little guillotines late into the night, making invisible the city around him.

When he was 10 years old, he first heard Laurie London's version of ' He's Got The Whole World In His Hands' and decided (with the help of his brother) that stardom was his destiny. That idea was short lived. It took another 4 years before he thought about it again. At that time an African musical, ' King Kong', had opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre opposite his father's restaurant. He got to know the cast and was always found floating around the stage door.

When he was 15, he hung around Soho, roaming between clubs and back-alley bars. Around that time, his father had given him enough money to buy his first guitar. Leaving school at 16, he was lucky enough to find a space at Hammersmith Art School. Folk music begun to influence him, and he was spending most of his day practicing Leadbelly licks on the stairs. The Art School dismissed him. For a year, he haunted publishing houses and agents, until he managed to bump into Mike Hurst, who had a friend with enough faith and spare cash to back his first single - ' I Love My Dog'.

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How Could You Possibly Enjoy Swimming In The Moonlight, Dear Maniacs?

After the earlier albums it became apparent that Steve was stretching his musical boundaries beyond the limits of keyboard technique and we were introduced to Jean. I could see at once that here was a person who knew all about stretching boundaries. His clever mind had been languishing in the retreats of late Juicy Lucy band until that unforgettable day when he was kicked out of the van and left stranded on the M1 moterway, alone, except for his faithful Hammond. Steve employed him, (as in fact he's employed all of us), out of a sense of curiosity and pity.

Out of everyone in the band, Gerry pulls the most horrible faces whilst he's playing, he bumps into walls quite a lot and has played every solo album ever produced with the exception of Jim Keltner's.

Winner of the 'Mr. Entertainment' trophy in Auckland a few years ago, our plucky New Zealand bass player has been striving to equal that early success ever since. Well, things have just gone from bad to worse for our Bruce. To start with he didn't get the job with The Shadows and every time he introduced himself by his Christian name, people would snigger.

We don't pay him very much and he lives mainly off of his wife Suzanne's earnings, who is far more talented than he is. Joining Suzanne on this tour are two sultry songstresses from New York, Kim and Angela. Collectively they resemble Morse Code for Save Our Souls.

Larry plays bass, congas, organ, guitar, flute and is made out of Kryptonite. All the way from the indolent beaches of Copacabana comes Chico, percussionist extraordinaire, wearing an expression of luxurious contentment on his face and a map of Australia on the crown of his head.

I, am an educated guess.  ALUN

N.B. The names of the band should be in red, and space should be left for something on Mark Warner.


The Band

Alun Davies - Acoustic guiter, 12-string, vocals

Jean Roussel
- Electronic piano, organ, clavinet, synthesizer

Gerry Conway
- Bass guitar

Mark Warner - Electronic guitar, bazouki

Larry  Steel
-- Guitar, bass guitar, percussion, flute, vocals

Chico Batera - Percussion

Sue Lynch
Kim Carlson - Vocals
Angela Howell

Magicians - The Magicats
Charles Dent, Cathy Shoppe, Greg Smith

Tour Personnel
Carl Miller - Tour Director
Bill McManus - Production Advisor
Tony Wigens - Tour Manager
Jeremy Railton - Stage Design
Al Lawrence ( Spot ) - Stage Direction
Geoff Banks - Stage Equipment
Barton Chiate - Audio Engineer
Chuck Conrad - Monitor Engineer
Bill Irving - Assistant Monitor Engineer
Mike Esmonde - Lighting Design
Dick Neil - Props
Rell Thompson - Electrician
Brent Cogdill - Electrician
Michael Grasley - Rigger
Barry Cardinale - Keyboard Technician
Mick Lawford - Magician's Props
Carlos Jones - Assistant

Tantric Art and Mandala Projections reproduced by kind  permission of Jean
Claude Ciancimino.

Special Thanks to:

Derek Dickinson, Anthony Siddon, Barry Newman, M.E. H. LTD., Jo Brown, Midas, Jeffrey Byers, Sarah Harrison, Lesley Johnson, Alec Zolas, Nat Weiss, Lynn Volkman, Mr. Krost, Bruce Smith, Bruce Silke, Harvey Goldsmith, Norman Perry, Richard Coweley, Ovation Guitars, Yamaha, Les Paul, Edwin Shirley Trucking, Roy Lamb, Toney Lennon, Geoff O'Connell, Showcraft, Mama, Mark Wilson.

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