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Rare Moments in time

Here are some very rare and highly sought after video captures of Cat Stevens performing on Live TV in both America and Europe.... After searching quite  extensively, we were able to locate some real gems. This page may be slow in downloading, but be sure to stay for the bottom of the page to download, since it contains the hope diamond of all Cat video's.

DISCO - Germany TV April 1976

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The Famous Kelly Green Boots which are mentioned in the Cleveland Plain Dealer - Majikat Concert Review

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BEAT CLUB - 1970

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The Granada 'Out Front' TV Concert - England - September 1971

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Unicef - Year Of The Child Concert - December 1979

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Foreigner Suite

4 Clips of Cat Stevens singing the Foreigner Suite during the ABC - Moon & Star Concert November 1973

Listen to Foreigner Suite from this concert as these pictures load to coincide with the pictures. It might give you a feel of almost actually watching the performance.

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OH What The Heck

Here is a whole sequence of Video captures from the Foreigner Suite segment of the ABC In Concert - 'Moon & Star' Program.

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