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Here is a collection of Cat Stevens picture sleeves from the 60's and 70's. Some of these are from  my own collection and the others are from my friend Keith Balaam and other Cat friends who have been kind enough to allow me to place them on Majicat. To view these as a larger picture click on the thumbnails.


American Sleeves

Sadly the A & M American picture sleeves are the most drab of all the picture sleeves.. The "Oh Very Young" sleeve is the nicest one of this bunch of sleeves. They did  start placing a bit more thought into these little babies as the years went by.

Wigwamps.jpg (11388 bytes)

A&M 1335 
Morning Has Broken/ I Want To Live In A Wigwam

Wdtcp-ps.jpg (15164 bytes)

A&M 1291 
Peace Train/ Where Do The Children Play

Moon-ps.jpg (17824 bytes)

A&M 1266
Moon Shadow/ I Think I See The Light

Crabd-ps.jpg (14519 bytes)

A&M 1396 
Sitting/ Crab Dance

Hurt-ps.jpg (21013 bytes)

A&M 1418 
The Hurt/Silent Sunlight

For-ep.jpg (9940 bytes)

A&M 4391  LLP 227
Foreigner Suite/Foreigner Suite

A&movy.jpg (35041 bytes)

A&M 1503 
Oh Very Young/ 100 I Dream

Asn-ps.jpg (19257 bytes)

A&M 1602
Another Saturday Night/Home In The Sky

Bana&m45.jpg (20623 bytes)

A&M 1785
Banapple Gas/Ghost Town

Osyard.jpg (31124 bytes)

A&M 1948
Remember The Days Of The Old School Yard/ Land O'Freelove and Goodbye

Singout.jpg (28967 bytes)

A&M 2683 
If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out/ I Want To Live In A Wigwam

teaserEP.jpg (57849 bytes)

A&M  Little LP Unlimited LLP 163
Teaser and The Firecat
Bitterblue/Ruby Love/Morning Has Broken/If I Laugh/The Wind/Tuesday's Dead
Courtesy of Jill Mallow


British Sleeves

Here are a few of  British picture sleeves from both the Deram and Island record labels.

port45.jpg (13301 bytes)
Matthew and Son/ Portabello Road
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Bad45a.jpg (33389 bytes)

Deram  DM 140 
A Bad Night/ The Laughing Apple

M&sukep.jpg (19408 bytes)

Deram DM 435 LLP (England)
Matthew & Son/I Love My Dog/I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun/A Bad Night
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

badnight.jpg (84932 bytes)

A Bad Night/ The Laughing Apple
LADYDFR_small.JPG (1844 bytes)
Lady D'Arbanville/ Katmandu
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Cat3.jpg (24101 bytes)

Lady D'Arbanville / I Wish I Wish

Lda451.jpg (20252 bytes)

Island  6014014
Lady D'Arbanville/Time/Fill My Eyes
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

NEW LADY.jpg (5633 bytes)

  Lady D'Arbanville
Courtesy of Bruce Lawrie

Forjuke.jpg (26999 bytes)

Little LP Unlimited LLP 227
Foreigner Suite/Foreigner Suite
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

tfpeo45.jpg (12833 bytes)

Two Fine People/A Bad Penny

112331.jpg (17996 bytes)

Remember The Day of The Old Schoolyard

Doves-ps.jpg (16245 bytes)

Island WIP 6387
Remember The Days Of The Old School Yard/ Dove
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Dogcat.jpg (19701 bytes)

Deram DM.102 ( Demo ) 
I Love My Dog
Courtesy of Keith Balaam
Honey.jpg (11906 bytes)
Uni - Honey Man ( Demo) 
Cat Stevens/Elton John
Courtesy of Keith Balaam
Pjames.jpg (29527 bytes)
CBS 203004 
Emperor & Armies/ Go Home Ulla
  Peter James
Cat Stevens ( Produced )
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

French Sleeves

Ilmdog2.jpg (23676 bytes)
Deram 15000 M  LLP  (France)
I Love My Dog/Matthew & Son/Granny/ Portobello Road
Courtesy of Keith Balaam
F&sfrnc.jpg (21819 bytes)
Island 6014035 (France)
Father & Son/Moonshadow
wild45.jpg (14722 bytes)
Island 6014042 
Wild World/Sad Lisa
MHBFRCH_small.JPG (3113 bytes)
Island  6138 013
Morming Had Broken/ I Want to live in a Wigwam

German Sleeves

Germany was noted for having some of the nicest sleeves around.

Whru.jpg (27385 bytes)

Deram DM 260 (Germany)
Where Are You/The View From The Top
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Gerlady.jpg (20790 bytes)

German - Island 16116AT
Lady D'Arbanville/Katmandu

Gerf&s.jpg (20639 bytes)

Island 6014035 (Germany) 
Father & Son/Moonshadow
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

F&s1.jpg (22711 bytes)

Island 6014035 (Germany)
Father & Son/Moonshadow

gerpeac.jpg (13113 bytes)

Island 10759 AT 
German  Peace Train/ Where Do The Children Play
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

longer45.jpg (11520 bytes)

Island 100307 AT German  
Ruby Love /Longer Boats
Tuesger.jpg (21652 bytes) Tuesback.jpg (16470 bytes)
Front & Back cover
Island 10153 (Germany)
Tuesdays Dead/Miles From Nowhwere

Hurtger.jpg (22375 bytes)

Island 12 761 AT (Germany)
The Hurt/Silent Sunlight
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Ovy-ps2.jpg (30408 bytes)

Island 13252  (Germany)
Oh Very Young/ 100 I Dream

2fpeo.jpg (21338 bytes)

Island 16 168 AT (Germany)
Two Fine People/A Bad Penny

Banis45.jpg (25189 bytes)

German Island  16703 AT
Banapple Gas / Ghost Town

Nytimes.jpg (13789 bytes)

Island 100279-100  (Germany)
New York Times/ Nascimento

Gerdove.jpg (26405 bytes)

German  Island 17920 AT 
I Never Wanted To Be a Star/ The Doves

112334.jpg (15089 bytes)

German  Island 11792  AT 
Child For A Day/Kypros


Spanish/Portugal/Mexican Sleeves


Portm&s.jpg (29010 bytes)

Portugal Deram SDM 133 D
  I Love My Dog/Matthew and Son
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Jim-cat.jpg (37975 bytes)

Island  ( Spanish )
Wild World/ Be Aware 
Jimmy Cliff /Cat Stevens
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

F&s-ps.jpg (13768 bytes)

Island 60 14 035  ( Spanish )
Father & Son/ Moon Shadow

Rubycat.jpg (21396 bytes)

Island  ( Spanish )
Ruby Love/ Miles From Nowhere
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

112323.jpg (12888 bytes)

Spain - Island 
  The Hurt/ Silent Sunlight

Ovyspain.jpg (10284 bytes)

Island 13252 A  (Spain)
Oh Very Young/100 I Dream

Spdove.jpg (35372 bytes)

Island  ( Spanish ) 
I Never Wanted To Be A Star/ The Doves
Courtesy of Keith Balaam
SPHURT_small.JPG (2973 bytes)
Island 12761 A
The Hurt/ Silent Sunlight

Pt-mex2.jpg (17938 bytes)

Island 2166 LLP ( Mexican ) 
Peace Train/But I Night Die Tonight/ Where Do The Children Play/ Tea For The Tillerman

Sweden/ Holland/ Hong Kong Picture Sleeves

Ckii-cd.jpg (11784 bytes)

Island WIP 6152  (Sonet Sweden) 
Can't Keep It In/ Crab Dance

Crab45ps.jpg (26043 bytes)

Island WIP 6152 
Can't Keep It In/ Crab Dance

Eromhb45.jpg (26766 bytes)

Holland  Island  10949 AT 
Morning Has Broken/I Want To Live In A Wigwam
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

mile45.jpg (13703 bytes)

Holland  Island 10153 AT 
Tuesdays Dead/ Miles From Nowhere
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Holnyx.jpg (22478 bytes)

Island 100.279 ( Holland ) 
New York Times/ Nascimento
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Mhb-ep.jpg (17859 bytes)

Island LLP  ( Hong Kong )
Morning Has Broken/ Moon Shadow/ Father & Son/ I Want To Live In A Wigwam
Courtesy of Keith Balaam

Japanese Picture Sleeves

CATJAP.JPG (2542 bytes)

Cat Stevens was a very popular musician in Japan, and as we all know Japan's quality of workmanship is excellent. So is their quality with the 45 -Picture Sleeves in the 1970's. Take a look at these beautiful 7-inch picture sleeves. Each Japanese 45 consist of the usual vinyl 45 inside of an A&M generic label sleeve. Then they place another sleeve or insert on top of the generic sleeve. This insert was usually  glossy coated paper with their own A+ quality Japanese Picture Sleeve. On the opposite side of the picture sleeve was the lyrics of each song printed in Japanese.

To view enlargements of these wonderful Japanese picture sleeves click here

peacejap_small.JPG (2703 bytes)JAPEACE1_small.JPG (1843 bytes)JAPEACE3_small.JPG (1809 bytes)
Peace Train/ Where Do The Children Play
A&M 105
Courtesy of Bruce Lawrie
JAPREAD_small.JPG (2400 bytes)JAPREAD2_small.JPG (1867 bytes)
Ready/I Think I See The Light
A&M 233 
MYJAPLD_small.JPG (2658 bytes)JAPLD2_small.JPG (1862 bytes)
Lady D'Arbanville / If I Laugh
Courtesy of Alonso Herrera
JAPSIT45_small.JPG (2823 bytes)
Sitting/ Boy With the Moon & Star on his Head
A&M 160
Courtesy of Murphy Anderson
MatthewSonFront.JPG (27833 bytes)MatthewSonBack.JPG (36455 bytes)
Matthew & Son/Granny
Deram D-1006
Courtesy of Aaron  Berman


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