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Athens 2004 - The Gala
Photographs and Review
This program was broadcast exclusively for the German/Greek Television audience. But, I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of this program to view, through the kindness of Majicat user Murphy Anderson. Although the interview was conducted in english, the german translator spoke over the voices making it quite difficult to understand the conversation. Fortunately Sanna, who is a German Majicat message board user was kind enough to review the interview for us. Below are a few low grade screen shots I was able to capture for you to view.


Vicky Leandros presents the pool of broadcasting corporations Olympia Show Recording from the Temple of the Olympic Zeus in Athens

TV Channel: 'EINS MUXX' Germany or 'ERT' Greece

Date: 5. August 2004

Guests: Marios Frangoulis, Yusuf Islam, Mikis Theodorakis, Demis Roussos, George Dalaras, Nana Mouskouri, Laith aluminium-Deen, Udo lime tree mountain, Sakis Rouvas, Leo Leandros, IOC vice-president Dr. Thomas brook, franc bus man, Kosta Papanastasiou & Domna Adamapoulos & Hermes Hodolidis from the "lime tree road", Michael Kleitmann and orchestra, Soulmates, Esther Ofarim u.v.a...

Yusuf Islam on the Olympic Gala Yusuf Islam on the Olympic Gala
Yusuf Islam on the Olympic Gala
Yusuf Islam on the Olympic Gala Yusuf Islam on the Olympic Gala
Yusuf Islam on the Olympic Gala
Yusuf Islam on the Olympic Gala Yusuf Islam on the Olympic Gala

The Athens 2004 Interview:

Review written by Sanna


It was a beautiful gala, very atmospheric!
Music, dance and interviews alternated and emphasized the Olympic idea of peace.
The gala was broadcast simultaneously to Greece and Germany. It was presented bilingual, in Greek and German, by a Greek presentator and by Vicky Leandros.

Vicky has always been a very popular pop star over here since she started her career in the '60s.
She was born on Corfu but grew up and lives in Germany. Vicky is married to Baron Enno Freiherr von Ruffin, has three children and lives on an estate in Schleswig-Holstein, near Hamburg.
Vicky supports a charity project of the Greek Orthodox Church for children in Africa.

A German sports reporter, Michael Antwerpes, who will be one of the TV commentators during the Olympic Games, presented the beautiful ancient and new venues in and around Athens.
He also introduced Yusuf as an interview guest,
"With Vicky in Athen's Gate there is a great star, who - for decades - has supported peace, tolerance and understanding, beyond all religious bounds.
He has founded the charity organization Small Kindness, which, for example, supports the fund for the victims of September 11 with a large amount of money.
- Yusuf Islam, who became world-famous as Cat Stevens!"

When Vicky asks Yusuf if he feels a relation to his Greek heritage, he answers,
"Yes, very much! The background of the Greek nationality and culture has been a very strong influence, especially in the early years. But it's not only the blood that inspired me but also the ideals of human achievement, which Greece kind of gave to the world."
He expresses that he identifies very much with one of the Olympic ideals, the endeavour for excellence.
"I think I picked up something of that, you know, endeavour."

Asked what he would wish for the Olympic Games, Yusuf answers,
"Well, I think, the object of competition is one wish, the object of excellence is another wish."
But he underlines that some people are too much driven by the competitive motivation and by excellence in the sense of physical excellence.
"I would hope for more mental or intellectual excellence."

Then Yusuf speaks about Small Kindness and its projects, e.g., the educational project for young ladies in Iraq, the university in Baghdad and the projects for orphans in Kosovo.

In conclusion Yusuf emphasizes that although the Olympic Games mean noise, lights and excitement, there are many people in this world who live without.
"We should always keep our minds on those people - and then we would have a balance."

Love, Sanna

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