(and more)



1.) The doughnut dog drawn in marker inside the Izitso album could be described as this color
2.) See 7 DOWN for hint
3.) Sleepy ones put their backs to this
4.) This avian talked, past participle
5.) This kind of hair flowed in the air (or was combed down by his sister)
6.) Her attire was woven of these multicolored phenomena (as well as very many of 2 ACROSS)
7.) This god of young love-stained memory
8.) A type of heavy material, usually blue
9.) Wholl be my light?
10.) "her _______ like windows"
11.) "milky ________ whites"
12.) These white animals glimmered "clean in your eye"
13.) Cat’s eyes, or Sweet Jamaica
14.) This black substance was evidence of a choking engine
15.) Cat painted his face this, but also worried about being bleached this
16.) "Her hands were like the __________"
17.) She tasted "as good as God made _______ taste, babe"
18.) What pepper walls?
19.) Cat felt like one of these, falling through space
20.) "The moon rolled fast. It rolled past the tall pines … and onto the _______ river."
21.) The color of a certain non-insomniac
22.) Underneath this is no place to get a tan!
23.) They "flung the moon far into the starry sky"
24.) The Mediterranean skies are often described as this type of blue
25.) A certain alert poultry’s lower extremities could be described as this
26.) The arborescent growths aren’t just felicitous, they’re __________ [tricky]
27.) This kind of smile keeps Cat awake
28.) Cat’s eyes used to only see this type of grey
29.) A part of nature that came to take Cat back
30.) "Be like a light, in the _________"
31.) A type of blue-green [OK, nothing to do with Cat]
32.) "when the night is done, and the sky is ______"
33.) This is something Cat said would never die
34.) "old _______ suits"
35.) The dark-headed little girl’s overalls on the Tillerman cover are a deep shade of this color
36.) It was Cat’s favorite food
37.) Cat wants the preacher to do what with his dreams?
38.) "your ______ is a black horizon"
CAT’S HUES … CLUES (Continued…)
1.) This avian sat on a rock
2.) Her voice was this type of echo
3.) Her hair wasn’t just 5 DOWN; it was this
4.) No more chances for you, ____________
5.) A type of yellow
6.) Not only sad, and a drummer, but also this
7.) "A sweet ________ tear of a child"
8.) Sweet ________ [be careful with this one]
9.) Everything empties into this
10.) This creature can play the flute and dance
11.) "The sky all glistens with ______ when you’re talkin’ to me"
12.) Cat’s real name
13.) "Fresh green _______"
14.) If these run dry, he won’t have to cry
15.) "your skin has turned to ________"
16.) Firecat’s hue
17.) "______ model" or "______ spoons"
18.) "No man can ever get enough" of this
19.) The color of the Banapple Gas dispenser
20.) He never knew her name
21.) A feel-good sweet
22.) A hybrid fantasy animal in one of Cat’s songs had a head that could be described as this
23.) The path wasn’t just borderless, it was also _____ [see 24 DOWN for hint]
24.) "I think I see the ______"
25.) He still doesn’t know this, about her eyes
26.) See 11 ACROSS for hint
27.) Randy’s eyes were this type of black
28.) Cat’s skin tone has been described as this
29.) A property of night
30.) He was "white with fright" but now he’s "over to that ___________ Road".
31.) "back to the time when the earth was ________"
32.) What kind of cold dusty day?
33.) The color of Tillerman’s tea set
34.) Sweet Scarlet was this (I think!)
35.) The song titles in Back to Earth are printed in this color
36.) "scrapers fill the ______"
37.) Most of Cat’s albums have gone this
38.) The Moulin R______ was Cat’s family restaurant
39.) ______ Gordon played Maude in the black comedy showcasing Cat’s music


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