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"Moonshadow,"   a simple, unadorned song whose beauty lies in its mystery.

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Welcome one and welcome all to Cat Stevens' / Yusuf's longest surviving fan site!  This site (dedicated to its original designer, a wonderful lady called Christine Chenevey) consists mostly of a variety of very rare information concerning Cat Stevens' early years as, now Yusuf is recording secular music once again, a profusion of articles exist about him which can be readily accessed on the web.

I had intended to completely revamp this site but, due to formatting problems with the elderly software used to create it, this is now an impossible task. The updates about Cat Stevens and Yusuf are now placed entirely on the lively Forum which you can join by clicking the link below. However, this site can and will continue to grow and if you have any old or rare material I'd love to hear from you so I can share it with others. You can contact me by clicking here.

Join the Majicatters' forum by clicking here



The Ultimate Cat Stevens Guitar Tab site

A long term Majicatter, Leonard has created a site especially for Cat Stevens tabs. This represents an astonishing and unique piece of work for which he must be sincerely congratulated. Please visit his site by clicking here.

Tell 'em I'm Gone

At the end of October 2014 Yusuf/Cat Stevens released a new blues album entitled 'Tell 'em I'm Gone. This is a departure from his 'usual' style inasmuch as it's mainly a collection of blues songs only half of which were self-penned. It's an excellent album with some superb musicians involved and a very welcome return to collaboration with Paul Samwell Smith. Sound quality is excellent! Well worth giving this one a listen!

Also Yusuf has written an autobiographical work entitled 'Why I Still Carry a Guitar' which can, amongst other places be purchased here:


A MAJOR feature of this site is the very special Majicat group of friends who wish to discuss all things Cat/Yusuf related and at the same time joining a unique community and making lifetime friends.Til now the link was rather hidden on this title page and I'm now making it much more obvious as the Majicatters are the life and soul of this site and one of the reasons why I'm continuing to run this site after its creator, Christine, decided to give it up. The other, and main reason is because this site holds a treasure trove of information about this unique musician whose music has meant so much to so many. So please join our group and click the now large and obvious link above!


At long last Cat Stevens is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Long, long overdue! Warmest congratulations from all here at Majicat and all Majicatters on the Forum!

New Articles

Karl Speck from Florida has been diligently searching for 'forgotten' Cat Steven's gigs. He has tracked some down and has also provided newspapper articles which you can read here. Many thanks indeed, Karl!

New Guitar Tab

Jacky Bryant has kiindly sent in a guitar tab for 'Trouble'. You can see that by clicking here. This adds to the many already sent and we are hugely indebted to her!

Historical posts
Welcome all!

Well, this is my first post as the new owner of Majicat - I know it's taken a while. Firstly, may I say how indebted I am to Christine who created this wonderful site, through which I and many others have made many valuable and lasting friendships. Majicat is due to change shortly with a complete redesign! Its emphasis will change slightly from being a scrapbook towards being a unique archive of everything that we can discover related to Yusuf and his music. We'll need your help to achieve this so please let us know if you manage to find anything for the new site!

We can be contacted at

We are also revamping the messageboard. Please click here and join the Majicat Forum!!! You'll discover so many useful finds unearthed by watchful members. New members will be warmly welcomed! For example did you know:

There is a new Cat Stevens Collection available from various sites? See here

And a new book? Information here

Enjoy the site!

Many thanks! - Chris

December 3, 2011
With the new year comes a 'New Majicat'

The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step, and so starts a new journey for Majicat.

I am very proud to say that I have been the owner/creator of Majicat since April, 1999. But, now after 12 almost 13 wonderful years, I feel it is now time to move on. I am no longer able to give Majicat the love, time or creativity that I once had. I once considered it like my baby, my creation, but like all things, there is a time to move on. Majicat is moving in a new direction with a new owner/creator. He will be bringing it back to life and taking it to a fresh new beginning. I feel I have let it down in the past few years, by neglecting it and letting the message board take over and it is my time to step down. As with many websites, when a messageboard is introduced, it seems to take on a life of it's own and the original website ends up being over shadowed and depreciated. And, this is true with Majicat.

So, to bring Majicat back to life and by giving it a fresh air of excitement, it is essential that she aquires a new owner/creator. Please join me in giving Chris Abrams a big welcoming hand. He is essential to the future of Majicat - Cat Stevens Scrapbook. Majicat will live on through Chris's eyes and reach new heights with fans both old and new.

I truly believe this is what Majicat needs and deserves. Chris Abrams will make Majicat (MAJICAL) again.


May 8, 2011
The European Tour Has Begun!
The first of a 10 concert tour, started with a bang last night in Sweden. And by the talk on the message boards and facebook. It was a huge success. Yusuf was warm and friendly towards the audience. The songlist was a huge hit with the fans, as he sang so many of his old hits as well as newer songs, including his most recent 'My People'. There is excitement all through the boards, as concert goers and concert on lookers wait for each of the other gigs. Wishing you a huge success on this tour, Yusuf. You have made many fans happy, this month!

Go to the 'Yusuf In Concert' website to see Aminahs (Islam) Yusuf's photographs from the night in Stockholm and information of all of European tours information.~~~~ Yusuf in Concert or to check out Yusufs official website. ~~~~~ Yusuf Islam .com

March 13, 2011
Two New Fan- Guitar tabs
Two new guitar tabs have recently been submitted and uploaded to Majicat. If you are a musician, you may wish to take a look at them. Give them a try. Tabs were submitted by fan/majicat member Jacky Bryant aka Robert Glass.


February 13, 2011
If You Want Sing Out With Yusuf, Sing Out
You have been invited to sing with Yusuf for Freedom.

From Yusufs Face Book Page "If you wish to take part in adding your voice to support people around the world still dreaming of being unshackled from harsh authoritarian regimes, you will soon have a chance to do so.

Yusuf has written a song which is inspired by the world shaking call to freedom and the removal of oppression from the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt, the song called My People will soon be available and you'll be able to send a recording of your voice to be used on the chorus - God Willing."

To learn more please refer to Yusuf Islam webpage..>>>> Sing w/Yusuf

A Note From Yusuf Islam.Com
Concerning the Herning , Denmark cancelation.

"We understand that many people who purchased tickets for Herning are very upset about the decision to change the venue from Herning to Stockholm. Unfortunately circumstances arise sometimes where no other decision is a possibility and this is one of those times. The rest of the tour will not be affected at all and all tour dates are now 100% confirmed, God Willing.

Sorry again for the inconvenience caused to many of you. The Promoters have confirmed to us that people who bought tickets for Herning are eligible to transfer there ticket to Stockholm or ask for a full refund. Some have asked why it wasn't possible to add another date, unfortunately this also was not a possibility we looked at all options available and this was the best one. " >>>

February 10, 2011

Yusuf Live in Concert Tour will begin in Sweden:
The Denmark concert has been switched to Sweden.

Due to overwhelming public demand the 'Yusuf in Concert' tour will now begin in Stockholm on 7th May. Fans who purchased tickets for Herning will be given a full refund or an option to transfer to Stockholm.

Sweden is particularly dear to Yusuf with it being his Motherland . He went to school there when he was eight and it was his uncle, Hugo, who first inspired him to take up art as a career. Now finally on 7th of May, for the first time in 33 years, the Scandinavian audience will have there chance to welcome him home again and reconnect with the musical journey of Yusuf.

Register members of the Redroom on will be sent an email shortly with details of special presale tickets for the Stockholm Concert which will go on general sale on Feb 14th.

January 16, 2011

Yusuf Live in Concert European Tour:
Ticket Information for all the European dates.

May 7th,
Herning, Denmark (Jyske Bank Boxen)
replaced with
Stockholm, Sweden

May 10th,
Hamburg, Germany (O2 World)
May 12th,
Oberhausen, Germany (Ko Pi Arena)
May 14th,
Berlin, Germany (O2 World)
May 17th,
Munich, Germany (Olympiahalle)
May 20th,
Rotterdam, Holland (Ahoy)
May 26th,
Paris, France (Bercy)
May 29th,
Mannheim, Germany (SAP Arena)
May 31st,
Vienna, Austria (Stadthalle)
June 2nd,
Brussels, Belgium (Forest National)

You can order your tickets here >>>>> EUROPEAN CONCERT TICKETS

Free Concert in Morrocco
May 23rd Yusuf will be performing a free concert in Morrocco. To read up on this free concert and how to attend.
Please click here. >>>>
The Festival Mawazine

November 30, 2010

Stars on Canvas - online exhibition & Auction:

Yusuf Islams canvas artCat Stevens/Yusuf Islam has contributed a signed canvas to the Willow Foundation's Stars on Canvas online auction. The canvas will join 300 others by stars of stage, screen, art, music and fashion in an eBay auction to be held from Friday 26th November to Sunday 5th December 2010. All information can be found on All the canvases would make unique and unusual Christmas presents. Stars on Canvas will also be holding a public exhibition in London at the Catto Gallery, Hampstead, NW3 from 2nd-5th December where all the canvases can be viewed. Well known faces from the worlds of sport, art, design, fashion, music and entertainment have drawn on their artistic skills in aid of the charity. The result is a fun, colourful and enlightening exhibition at the Catto Gallery, Hampstead, which will be open to the public from 2 to 5 December 2010. More than 200 canvases will be sold online through an eBay auction, starting on 26 November, with bidding closing on 5 December 2010. You can view Yusufs/Cat Stevens' canvas on the website link below, in music section page 2.

Visit to view the canvases and bid on some unique and unusual Christmas presents! The Willow Foundation is the only UK charity that offers quality of life and quality of time to 16 to 40 year olds with life-threatening conditions, by providing special days. The charity was founded by Bob Wilson and his wife, Megs, as a lasting memorial to their daughter, Anna, who died of cancer aged 31.

Telephone: 01707 259777
Funds raised from Stars on Canvas 2010 will go to the Willow Foundation (registered charity no. 1106746)

Stars on Canvas online auction:
Opens 26 November 2010
Closes 5 December 2010

Stars on Canvas public exhibition:
2 - 5 December
Catto Gallery, 100 Heath Street, Hampstead, London NW3 1DP

Exhibition opening times:
Thu 2 Dec: 3pm - 6pm •
Fri 3 & Sat 4 Dec: 10am - 6pm •
Sun 5 Dec: 12.30pm - 6pm


Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear:
Jon Stewart/Stephen Cobert & Yusuf:

Yusuf was asked by Jon Stewart, to be a musical guest at his and Stephen Coberts rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, Saturday, October 30, 2010, at the nations capital in Washington DC. It was rumored that he may attend. But no one knew for sure if he really would attend until Jon Stewart announced Yusufs' name up on stage. Yusuf arrived on stage with his black J200 guitar, a big smile and raising his hands to salute the magnitudes of people with the peace sign, before singing his anthem 'Peace Train'.

Yusuf performing in front of the U.S. Capital building

View other photographs from the rally >>>>>> Click Here


June 15, 2010
The Blue Moon Concert is underway:
And so is the Teaser St News:

Yusuf and his band of merry Roadsters are currently down under singing their way through Australia and New Zealand. With two concerts 'Perth' and 'Adelaide' under their belt, both receiving rave reviews. Tomorrow, Wed, June16th, they will be in Melbourne for a 2 day gig. I hope you are among the lucky fans able to enjoy the concert. There is a new web page you should check out. Whether you are able to attend the concert tour or are across the equator just waiting for word on the concerts. This new web page is called 'Teaser St. News'. It's a blog placed together so fans can follow Yusuf and the Roadsters, as they journey to Australia and New Zealand. Alun Davies is one of the bloggers along with Alan Branch (sound man). So, be sure to read all the blogs and comment on the entries, to inspire them to write even more. Thanks for the heads up on this Majid. >>>>>>>> Teaser St . News


April 27, 2010
The Blue Moon Concert Tour:
Ticket Information for Australia / New Zealand:

With the exciting news that Yusuf will be touring Australia and New Zealand later this year, we’re pleased to bring you details on how you can find tickets. The trip “Down Under” will be Yusuf’s first in 36 years, and he will be playing in New Zealand for the very first time. Don’t miss out on your chance to see Yusuf in Concert!

Thursday 10 June
Challenge Stadium or phone 136 100

Sunday 13 June
Adelaide Entertainment Centre or phone 132 849

Wednesday 16 & Friday 18 June
Rod Laver Arena or phone 132 849

Monday 21 & Wednesday 23 June
Sydney Entertainment Centre or phone 136 100

Saturday 26 June
Brisbane Entertainment Centre or phone 132 849

Tuesday 29 June
Vector Arena or phone (09) 970 9700

Friday 2 July
Westpac Arena or phone 0800 TICKET (842 538)
courtesy of Yusuf Islam Official Website

November 23, 2009
Yusuf Casts Moonshadow Across Birmingham:
Yusuf makes changes to concert lineup.

Tonight, Yusuf plays the National Indoor Academy in Birmingham, and there have been some changes to the running order of the show. The first 25 minutes will see Yusuf introducing a showcase of ‘Moonshadow, his much-anticipated new musical.

After the break, Yusuf and his band will return for a full, uninterrupted set of timeless classics and critically acclaimed new material.

Yusuf had this to say about the changes:
“We’ve learnt a few lessons from the show in Dublin and we’re confident that this time around, fans will be better aware of what they’ll be coming to see.” We hope you all enjoy the show.

courtesy of Yusuf Islam Official Website

November 23, 2009
Birmingham Concert Tonight:

Get ready. Yusufs' second concert in a series of four, of his 'I'll Take My Time' tour, will be presented tonight at the Birmingham NIA. For the many fans attending this once in a 3 decade experience, get there early and enjoy the concert.

November 18, 2009
Yusuf on BBC Asian Network:
Thursday, November 19th at 11:30am, Yusuf will be joining Nikki Bedi live on the BBC Asian Network for a chat about his music, his life and his current tour.

Don't forget to tune in; you can listen live online at the BBC website. Plus, if you miss the show, be sure to visit Nikki Bedi's website where you can 'Listen Again' to the whole program on the BBC's iPlayer.

courtesy of

The Concert:
The first concert in a series of concert dates, didn't go out with out a few clinches, but over all it was a huge success. Yusuf sang 22 song; 14
classics, 7 from his two new CD's and one previously unheard of song, 'The Glass House'. And introduced a preview to his upcoming musical, Moonshadow. There were some disgruntled attendees because they wanted nothing but a cat Stevens top 40's reprisal. But for the 95% of the fans who stayed and enjoyed the concert; they were treated to an unbelievable show with a gracious host. Two encores which concluded with a Father and Son duel with Ronan Keating.

Youtube is featuring many videos from the night. To enjoy them, go here:

Youtube Video's from the Concert.


November 15, 2009
Dublin 'the O2' concert is tonight:
Tonight starts the first, in a series of concerts for Yusuf, as he begins his 'I'll take my time' tour 2009. This has been a long time in the making, hundreds if not thousands of fans anxiously wait tonight's concert. Fans are coming from the USA, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, as well as Ireland and England. Fans who have long awaited for a concert tour like this. May Yusuf have a terrific time up on stage singing to his hearts content. I am sure each fan has a wish for a particular song. And hopefully he will song most of them. My big wish is that these concerts will give Yusuf the incentive to take this show to other countries, where even more fans eagerly are waiting for a word of a possible world tour. Who knows, with Yusuf, anything could be possible. Until then, to the many lucky fans who are able to attend any of the 4 city concerts, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY! And don't forget to let us know what a terrific concert it was. It should prove to be a very memorable evening for all.

Photo: Yusuf during a rehearsal before taking the show on the road.
Yusuf at rehearsal

September 19, 2009
“Guess I’ll Take My Time Tour” 2009:

We all remember the Bamboozle(74) & Majikat(976) tours from yesteryear. Well 2009 and is the year of the 'Guess I'll Take My Time' tour. One that shouldn't be missed if you are lucky enough to be able to get to Great Britain.

Except from - This will definitely not be a tour in the usual sense and is set to incorporate Yusuf’s timeless hits such as Wild World, Father & Son and The First Cut Is The Deepest, alongside music from his highly acclaimed new albums, An Other Cup and Roadsinger. To make it even more of a spectacle for fans, Yusuf will also weave his latest creative voyage, his first musical, Moonshadow, into the shows.

The full dates are:

November 15 – Dublin The O2
November 23 – Birmingham NIA
December 5 – Liverpool Echo Arena
December 8 – London Royal Albert Hall


If you are member of the Redroom you can get advance tickets here >>>> Red Room <<<<. If you are not a member, you can sign up at the Redroom.

They go up for sale to the public, Monday September 21st. and will be available at or on 08444 775 775

September 7, 2009
Roadsinger guitar tabs:
Kristian aka 'workahollis' has submitted three new guitar tabs for everyone to try out. They are all from Yusufs' recent CD Roadsinger. You can also see Kristian on You Tube playing and singing his tabs.

................Welcome Home
................All Kinds of Roses

September 7, 2009
Yusuf Blog:
Yusuf has started to write blogs on his official web site for all registered members of the Red Room. His first blog has been uploaded and if you are member of the red room, be sure to check it out. And perhaps wish Yusuf a Happy Birthday while you are there. To read the blog enter the Red Room of Yusufs' Web site.

September 2, 2009
2007 Majicat Web site uploaded:
I am placing this old version of up, it is a back up from prior to the date of the malware problems. This is quite old, from 2007 in fact. I uploaded this version to the current host, with hopes that it is clean of any malware problems. It seems to be from my end anyway. Please let me know if you happen to notice anything. Unfortunately, it is not current with all the latest information that had been posted on the older more recent version, so I will eventually add the newer items to it.
But at least for now, I will be able to update you with all of the current and exciting happenings as they occur. ~~~~ Christine











Cat Stevens Biography

George Brown's 2006 Biography 'Cat Stevens - The Complete Illustrated Biography and Discography'

A finalist for the ARSC award........ .......................
For Sale Here


David Nieri's bookDavid Nieri's Italian biography on Cat Stevens 'Da Cat Stevens a Yusuf Islam. Quattro passi all'ombra della luna"

For Sale Here

Recent CD/DVD's
Release Date November 14th.
Pre-Order Your Copy Here,
or Here

Cat Stevens "Gold" CD Cover Cat Stevens - Gold CD
Debut of "Indian Ocean"
released 11/15/2005

.Buy Here

Night Of Remembrance - Double CDNight of Remembrance double CD from the Royal Albert Hall 11/2003
N.O.R. Website

Majikat Earth Tour DVD- Mary & Williams College - February 22, 1976 Majikat Earth Tour - 1976 Cat Stevens last World Concert Tour now out on DVD..... Buy Now


RoadsingerRoadsinger (To Warm You Through The Night)

Released May 5, 2009

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